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Sales of electric vehicles are expected to reach 27 million units by the year 2030. To support this surge, battery manufacturers are now in a silent competition to develop the most energy-efficient alternatives.

Currently, Lithium-ion batteries are one of the most common battery types in over 70% of electric vehicles. Due to their composition, their supply chain setup generally revolves around four key stages, and each stage demands different handling. As a result, electric vehicle manufacturers now have the increased pressure of finding the right mix of technology, specialisation and cost-efficiency.

Battery logistics

We power your battery logistics

Our specialised battery logistics services cover all the crucial stages of battery production, including delivery to the electric vehicle production locations.

  1. Refining and Electrochemistry: The raw materials are brought for refinement to the designated facilities in Asia and Europe.
  2. Battery Cell: This is a chemically-sensitive stage. The unit produced in this step comprises electrolytes, anodes and cathodes, which require handling that is specific to unstable chemicals.
  3. Modules: In this stage, the battery cells are packed together with added terminals before final packing. However, the module setup may or may not be at the point of final assembly.
  4. Packing: The modules are packed into a casing, giving a battery its final form. This step is usually carried out closer to the automotive assembly location. Sometimes they are also transported internationally to foreign assembly locations and aftermarket suppliers.
    While the third stage usually doesn't involve long-distance travel, the first and the second require logistics that specialise in the handling of hazardous cargo.
  5. Reverse logistics: Damaged and used batteries are taken to the recycling/refurbishment centres in Asia, Europe and the US.

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