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Get seamless and reliable non-containerised ground transportation with integrated trucking services.

Full Truckload (FTL)
Less-than-Truckload (LTL)
Cross-Border FTL and LTL

What is ground freight?

Ground freight involves transporting goods by truck without using containers. It's essential for supply chains worldwide, helping businesses move products efficiently. Both local and international sellers rely on ground freight to connect different segments of distribution networks.

Typically, this is done through Full Truckload (FTL) or Less-than-Truckload (LTL) services. FTL is used when shipping large quantities that fill an entire truck, while LTL is for smaller shipments sharing space with other goods. For more information on the difference, read the article here.

Maersk container trucks parked at the docking station.

Reliable, interconnected ground freight for complex supply chains

Please note: The blue arrows highlight the various stages where your goods can be transported using ground freight services.

What are the benefits of optimising your ground freight services?

Efficient transportation illustration
Efficient transportation
Seamless movement of goods from origin to destination, ensuring more efficient transportation and shorter transit times.
Cost reduction illustration
Cost reduction
Greater economies of scale across the supply chain, allowing for consolidated shipments and lower transport costs per unit.
Speed and reliability illustration
Speed and reliability
Rapid and efficient movement of goods between intermediate points resulting in a more reliable end-to-end supply chain.
Last mile integration illustration
Last-mile integration
Smoother road transportation leading to efficient last-mile deliveries and higher customer satisfaction.

Why choose Maersk?

Our ground freight services are built to ensure the success of our customers by providing shorter lead times, seamless integration across supply chain segments and minimising the inefficiencies of manual processes.

Optimized pricing pictogram
Optimised pricing
Our sophisticated routing, meticulous planning and optimised asset use across the network allows us to streamline your trucking spend.
Truck pictogram
Speed and network efficiency
Our dynamically optimised shipping lanes and expedited routes help minimise travel distances, accelerating and streamlining cargo operations.
Delivery reliability
Delivery reliability
Maersk Ground Freight is backed by a track record of punctuality and efficiency. We ensure your goods arrive safely and on schedule every time.
Flexibility pictogram
We leverage strong asset utilisation with a robust partner network to ensure that regardless of market fluctuations, we can always deliver on time.
State of the art technology pictogram
State-of-the-art technology
Our powerful digital platform offers seamless integration, allowing our customers to maintain clear visibility, tracking and control of goods from end to end.
Low emissions trucking pictogram
Low emissions trucking
A growing electric fleet and an optimised routing network help power your ambition to lower emissions from your supply chain.

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