Maersk Inland Delivery

Keep your cargo moving with end-to-end control

From coordinating vendors, tracking different modes of transport to distributing to market: your supply chain has a lot of moving parts. To improve speed-to-market, decrease risks and costs, and optimise your business, we are integrating your entire supply chain from end-to-end with our landside transportation services.

Maersk Inland Delivery gives you all the advantages of our logistics integrator experience. We can help you manage everything – right from pick-up to delivery. With a single transaction, you can reduce the number of steps in your landside transportation and get a smoother experience.

To get more information on Maersk Inland Delivery, please reach out to your Maersk sales representative.

Maersk Inland delivery

Why choose Maersk Inland Delivery?

Maersk Inland Delivery helps address market complexities and provide the flexibility to stay agile from start to finish. Take a look to see how it can benefit your business:

Chain link
Simpler supply chain
Book your end-to-end transport, including ocean and inland, in a single transaction with Maersk, limiting the number of touchpoints.
Standalone service
Standalone options
No matter your ocean partner, Inland Delivery is available as a standalone service along with the full benefits of our intermodal simplicity, flexibility and security.
Reach new markets
Our network across 300+ ports and tie-ups with partners in over 130 countries gives you a fast and reliable connection.
load and empty container pictogram
Cross-border services
We handle your cargo movements on all exports and imports, including customs and paperwork, to give you a smoother experience.
Stopwatch error
Timely deliveries
Get your cargo delivered as per your schedule, leveraging our global inland coverage with our market-leading ocean network.
Environmental Friendly
We are focused on sustainability and we are developing solutions to limit our impact on the environment.

How it works?

Our service offering now goes beyond our ocean services to now cover all your transport needs. We move both dry and reefer containers. Our service is also suitable for heavy and bulky cargo.

  • When your goods are ready, we have equipment available at one of our depots ready to be picked up or delivered at your premises.
  • After the cargo is stuffed and ready, a Maersk truck will pick it up and drop it off at a Container Yard.
  • Our Maersk Inland Hub service will transport it by rail or barge to the main port. In some cases, the container will be delivered directly at the port, skipping the Container Yard.
  • After your cargo reaches its destination port, your container will either go through a Container Yard or directly to your facility.
  • When your container has been emptied or stuffed again for export, we will come to pick it up.
Maersk Inland delivery

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Should you have any immediate questions regarding Maersk Inland Delivery, please refer to our customer FAQ section. For further queries, contact us and we will get back to you.

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