Predictable cold chain logistics for Latin America

Enjoy consistent freshness with an unbroken cold supply chain.

A solution for everyone

At Maersk, we understand the unique needs and challenges of our cold chain customers in the Latin American market.

Over the years, we’ve learnt to handle each perishable commodity differently, developed an understanding of the local infrastructure and regulations, and used this knowledge to develop customised refrigerated containers and predictable cold chain solutions.

So, whether it’s delivering your bananas from Latin America to Europe, ensuring your meat is sold at the optimal price and time in Asia, or guaranteeing the freshness of your grapes from farm to supermarket, we've got you covered.

A ship carrying multiple Maersk refrigerated containers with perishable goods.

Solutions for a reliable cold chain

Our array of cold chain solutions operates to guarantee ease and predictability for your perishable goods, simplifying your logistics.
Domestic cold truck illustration
Domestic cold trucking
Move perishable cargo across Latin America with ease with our flexible network of refrigerated trucks.
Cold Storage Illustration
Cold storage
Enjoy faster market access for your refrigerated containers by parking them in our strategically located cold storage facilities and packing stations.
Warehouse service Illustration
Value added services
Our cold storage facilities offer an array of in-house services like cross-docking, blast chilling, repacking, loading/unloading and more.
Warehouse Illustration
Mobile depots
Use our mobile depots to ensure your refrigerated equipment is repaired and cleaned before new cargo is loaded, saving you precious time and streamlining transport.
Refrigerated cargo container train illustration
Refrigerated cargo train
Go eco-friendly with the train transport of your cold chain cargo from Chile’s key agricultural zones to the port of Valparaiso.
Value protect illustration
Value Protect
Protect your refrigerated shipment with our simple add-on insurance. It offers extended liability, eliminates hidden costs and paperwork, and ensures a quick resolution of claims.
Captain peter illustration
Captain Peter
A cold chain technology tool that lets you access on any digital device, Captain Peter keeps you updated on the temperature and humidity levels within containers on the move.
Eco Delivery Ship illustration
Eco Delivery
This product lets you decarbonise your cold supply chain by replacing fossil fuels with low-carbon alternatives.
Integrated Cold Storage Illustration
End-to-end solutions
Connect and simplify your cold supply chain using our extensive multi-modal transport, ports, and inland hubs. Also avail mobile depots, truck and train connectivity, Fresh Pass for coordination and bookings, customs services, and last-mile delivery.

Built for Latin America

Our skilled local teams thoroughly evaluate your supply chain and deliver tailored solutions to optimise your logistics. Here are examples of how we’ve assisted customers with specialised requirements, ensuring their perishable goods move in optimal condition.

The Cherry Express

The service provides hassle-free transport of Chilean cherries to China. Refrigerated containers move cherries by land and rail to San Antonio port, and then by ocean to China in 21 days. Maersk’s customs teams subsequently ensure swift port clearance and forward movement.

Close-up of hands holding a basket of Chilean cherries to be transported in refrigerated containers.

Train to San Antonio

To help our customers in Chile cut down on carbon emissions, we introduced the country's first train service for refrigerated cargo. Our train station and depot, located near important fruit-producing locations, is around 200 km from San Antonio and helps avoid the tedious journey by road.

An aerial view of a train carrying Maersk containers with refrigerated cargo.

The end-to-end melon journey

Guatemala-based Exportadora Atlantico S.A, a leading melon grower and exporter, faced significant challenges in transporting their refrigerated shipment across inland and ocean routes. They suffered losses and food wastage and were unable to fulfil customer commitments. In response, we offered end-to-end cold chain management. Find out how it turned things around.

Close-up of musk melons in a farm.

The promise of fresh grapes

When the US Department of Agriculture added additional regulatory touchpoints for the import of grapes, Chilean producer-exporter RIOblanco found this could slow down the movement of their cargo and harm the quality of the produce. How did Maersk’s unique solution help ensure that RIOblanco’s grapes stayed in prime quality and got to market in time, even after meeting all regulatory requirements?

Close up shot of grapes holding in hands

4PL partnership with San Miguel

The world’s leading citrus fruit producer and exporter, San Miguel operates in South Africa and several Latin American countries, leading to complex supply chain challenges. Maersk’s 4PL solution streamlined operations, enhanced visibility, and reduced waste, improving lead times for exports to multiple markets.

Maersk 4PL partnership with San Miguel – Close-up of citrus fruit baskets in a farm.

An 18-year relationship with Donatella

Maersk assisted Donatella, a major Ecuadorian banana exporter, in optimising their supply chain, reducing contamination risks, and ensuring cold chain visibility. Acting as a one-stop shop, Maersk handled all logistics needs, simplifying operations and minimising touchpoints.

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