Experience the future of transportation on land with our first reefer train in Chile.

When dealing with gorgeous fresh produce, you would want it to reach your customers in the best condition. And by best condition, it's not just about its quality; it's also about the way it's transported.

To ensure that an extra layer of sustainability gets added to your produce, we have the first reefer train in Chile. To achieve this, we now have a new train station and depot near the critical areas of fruit producers. In collaboration with the National Rail Company, this train station and depot is strategically located within 200 km from San Antonio (previously accessible only by road). What makes this an ideal option?

What makes this an ideal option?

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The train can transport goods equivalent to 31 trucks, reducing CO2 emissions by around 70%.



You can reach the port in 4 hours, saving up to 50% of the time by avoiding any disruption that might appear during the road journey.


Strategic location

The station and depot are situated 30 km around the main fruit production area in Chile (Curicó, Teno, Chimbarongo, and San Fernando), making it well connected.

Fewer delays

With the new train service, customers can now get a more optimised supply chain journey and avoid any surprise disruption due to road accidents and other physical disturbances that were common with trucks.

So, start transporting your fresh produce more sustainably.

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Freddy Serrano
Freddy Serrano
Latin America Media Relations Manager

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