Predictable cold chain logistics for Latin America

Enjoy consistent freshness with an unbroken cold supply chain.

Say no to change

Change is almost always celebrated.

But is it always welcome?

Not when you’re transporting refrigerated cargo. The quality of your Chilean sea food should not change. Your Colombian flowers must stay vibrant. Your Brazilian proteins should always be juicy and tender. Your fruits and vegetables from across Latin America must stay fresh.

That’s why it is essential that your cold chain logistics supports the unbroken movement of your time-sensitive cargo: from start to finish.

So, nothing changes. Your cold cargo stays fresh, and your supply chain remains predictable.

And predictable is good.

Why partner with us?

Maersk Cold Chain Logistics provides solutions for every step of your supply chain, from production site to delivery.

By integrating processes and linking assets on the ground, to providing digital inventory management, cold chain technologies, and visibility across the chain, your logistics is seamless, predictable and fully in your control.

A truck carrying a Maersk refrigerated container with temperature-sensitive cargo.

The Maersk advantage in Latin America

Our cold chain management solutions assist your supply chains with an array of services customised for your unique requirements.

Flexible Logistics Solutions

Bespoke solutions

From cold storage and export packaging to air-ocean transport and end-to-end services with priority access, our solutions are tailored to your needs. We also offer domestic cold trucking, consolidation and distribution services, inland transport, customs support and cold chain technologies like Captain Peter.

Cold Stores Truck

Local market expertise

Teams of local refrigerated cargo and cold chain experts work with your business needs to support faster market access and drive optimisation.

Customer care

Single partner

Maersk’s end-to-end cold chain solutions give you hassle-free transport of your refrigerated cargo with minimal transfers and a dedicated support team.

Cold Stores

Integrated cold-storage network

Our cold storage facilities and packing stations are strategically positioned for easier market access and seamless movement of your time-sensitive cargo. They also offer an array of in-house services.

On-time services

Get timely access to equipment and reliable sailing schedules on Maersk vessels with higher-than-normal capacity for refrigerated cargo. What’s more, our Fresh Pass solution gets paperwork processed on priority to prevent any delays.

Container status pictogram

Complete container visibility

With 99% of our refrigerated containers enabled with RCM (remote container management) technology, you can use Captain Peter™ to track your cargo and get notified at every step of the journey.

Find us there

Territorio Aguacate 2023

Our cold chain experts will be at the main knowledge event for the avocado sector in Medellín, Colombia.

Join us at booth #39 on Level 1 to learn more about how our predictable cold chain solutions can help keep your avocado exports fresh from origin to destination.

Venue: Plaza Mayor – Medellín, Colombia
Date: 29-30 November 2023

Close shot of Avocado tree and Maersk truck

Upcoming events

  • Agritrade - March 13-15
  • Aquasur 2024 - March 19-21

Interested in our cold chain solutions?

Maersk’s cold chain experts would be happy to answer your questions and suggest appropriate solutions for your business.

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Antigua, 13-15 March
We’ll see you in Guatemala!
We’re excited to be at Agritrade 2024, Central America’s largest agro-trade event. Meet our experts at the event to know how our predictable logistics can add efficiencies to your cold chain, and assure the quality of your commodity, from start to finish.