Predictable cold chain logistics for Latin America

Enjoy consistent freshness with an unbroken cold supply chain.

For optimal temperature control

Our cold storage facilities are strategically located and are equipped with optimal temperature controls.

Experience customised atmosphere control for time-sensitive products and extended cold storage for fresh fruits. Our flexible operations adapt to seasonal demands, enabling you to reach your target markets precisely when you desire.

Fish cut pieces in a cold storage facility.

Our cold storage facilities provide services such as:

Cold Stores
Cold Storage
Our facilities maintain the quality and freshness of your temperature-controlled cargo by providing customised handling of your product.
Reefer cargo connectivity
Ship your goods faster and reduce warehousing costs with cross-docking services: your inbound refrigerated cargo is unloaded from a container/truck at a distribution centre and loaded on to a destination-bound vehicle.
Pick and packing
Receive, pack, and ship from a cold storage facility quickly and accurately with high levels of quality control measures.
Make use of our labelling services to ensure an efficient and reliable end-to-end process designed to maintain market value and shelf-life of your goods.
Super freezer
Blast freezing
From meat to fresh produce to fish, blast freezing quickly reduces the temperature of your perishable cargo, enhancing its food safety and extending life.
Preserve the purity of perishable goods and the integrity of a cold chain with sanitary inspections of containers and trucks. Also deploy remote container management technologies such as Captain Peter.

A global network

Our cold storage network caters to a wide range of services for frozen, chilled and ambient temperature goods. Here is a list of our facilities across the world.

Facility overview

Use the drop-down to view specific details of our cold chain facilities.

Connect to North America and Europe

If your primary export markets are North America or Europe, make use of our strategically positioned cold storage network in those regions.

Keep the goodness intact in the USA

Experience an unbroken cold chain with cold stores that are positioned to help you reach markets faster.

Close-up of oranges in a supermarket.

Stay fresh in Europe

Our cold stores in the region offer specialised solutions to extend the life cycle of your temperature-sensitive cargo.

Close-up of various perishable goods.

Interested in our cold chain solutions?

Maersk’s cold chain experts would be happy to answer your questions and suggest appropriate solutions for your business.

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