Optimal shipping solutions for bananas and pineapples

Bananas and pineapples are precious, delicate, and in demand all over the world. As the banana and pineapple shipping experts, we can ship your bananas and pineapples further than ever before – and ensure that they arrive in peak condition, ready to begin their ripening process.

As the world’s leading carrier of fruit, we know that bananas and pineapples require special treatment. We combine the world’s largest fleet of refrigerated containers, an unrivalled global network and unequalled expertise to ensure you have the optimal shipping solution for your cargo.

The perfect environment for your bananas

Our Starcare™ Controlled Atmosphere containers extend the green life and shelf life of your bananas by slowing down the ripening process during transit. This means that transit times can be extended to as much as 50 days, without damaging your cargo, enabling you to ship to any part of the globe in the knowledge that your product will arrive in peak condition.

Starcare™ containers create and maintain the ideal blend of oxygen and carbon dioxide within the reefer unit, slowing down the respiration of your goods throughout the voyage. As a result, they arrive at the perfect stage in the ripening process.

Quest II for high-speed cooling and longer green life

Quest II is an innovative reefer technology for your chilled goods. The software is designed to achieve the predefined cargo set point temperature faster than ever before, and to ensure a more uniform temperature distribution within the reefer unit.

  • Faster cool-down: Your warm loaded bananas reach their ideal set point temperature faster to prevent premature ripening
  • Uniform temperature spread across the container cargo space: you benefit from a faster and even ripening process once your bananas arrive at destination
  • Energy saving: Quest II reefer units use less energy, reducing CO2 emissions by as much as 70%

Benefits of containerised shipping with us

  • An unbroken cold chain: Your bananas and pineapples are transported in our refrigerated containers from origin to destination. The temperature and atmospheric conditions inside the container are monitored and maintained throughout the entire journey, via our Remote Container Management (RCM) system.
  • Minimised handling of cargo: Your goods are untouched during the course of their journey. This means that there is minimum risk of damage and contamination, and zero exposure to fluctuating temperatures or unfavourable ambient conditions – such as dust, rain and snow – during load and discharge
  • Flexibility: Container shipping is the most flexible way of reaching your markets. You can ship a single container or multiple containers to different parts of the world. You can even react to changes in global markets while your goods are in transit via our Change of Destination service.
  • Global coverage: Your containers of refrigerated goods can be transported to destinations all over the world via an inland services network of trucks, barges and trains that connect seamlessly to our ocean vessels and an unparalleled global network that joins 343 ports in 121 countries.

Unique cold chain transparency with Remote Container Management (RCM)

To improve the visibility of your cold chain, we have developed a platform that provides you with full access to your reefer performance data.

Thanks to this unique innovation, you are able to make better and more informed decisions regarding your reefer cargo and optimise your supply chain based on the data – enabling you to deliver your promise to your customers.

We are very excited to take part in this innovative journey together with you!

Reducing your carbon footprint

Thanks to our new, larger and more fuel-efficient vessels, innovative Quest II refrigeration technology and a fleet of more than 270,000 state-of-the-art refrigerated containers, we can provide you with energy-efficient transportation solutions that will reduce the carbon footprint of your supply chain

To ensure our work has maximum impact on your environmental performance, we deliver full transparency over your supply chain impacts, and have in-house experts ready to help you with your specific sustainability issues.