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Warehouse Network Connections that Power Performance

Marcin Chojnowski, Maersk’s Head of Real Estate in North America, highlights the importance of determining the optimal size and location of warehouse networks for businesses to achieve efficient supply chain management, cost reduction, and improved overall performance. 

By connecting warehouse networks with other supply chain resources and infrastructure, businesses can take their competitiveness to the next level. However, a successful strategy requires thorough analysis by supply chain experts and a willingness to adapt.

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The Pros and Cons of Warehousing Ownership Models

Scott Weiss, Vice President of Warehouse & Distribution Services, offers two maxims for supply chain managers dealing with the current situation: maintain constant communication with partners, be proactive, provide forecasting, and plan for the unexpected. Don't fall in love with inventory and plan for increased capacity.

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Opening doors with automated warehousing

Warehouse automation is a technology used to automate repetitive, process-oriented, error-prone, and time-consuming tasks, and is growing rapidly due to ecommerce. Robotics and IoT are revolutionizing warehouse operations, with 33% of warehousing operations investing in conveyors and automatic sorting systems by 2023.

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Flexible warehouse logistics - the key to omnichannel success

Global supply chains are experiencing a paradigm shift, leading to a need for warehouse logistics due to hidden flaws and changing demand patterns.

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Autonomous drones revolutionize inventory inspection

Fully-integrated inventory drones deliver data-driven intelligence, transforming the order fulfillment process.

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