Leading change in ship recycling industry

A.P. Moller - Maersk aspires to lead the transformation of the global ship recycling industry to promote responsible practices, greater transparency and a level playing field. We urge all other ship owners to do the same and become a driving force for a safe and responsible, global ship recycling industry.

Tackling an industry-wide problem

No less than 85% of all ships are dismantled at sub-standard facilities in South Asia. This happens despite many large shipowners having a policy on responsible ship recycling.

This is an industry problem which leads to widespread underpayments, unsafe working conditions and environmental pollution as well as an uneven playing field within the shipping industry.

No shipowner can solve this alone.

High standard and strong implementation

In the absence of relevant and enforced global legislation, market-based solutions are needed to make responsible ship recycling a reality. A high, voluntary standard must go hand in hand with strong implementation on the ground, achieved through robust supervision and audits.

Responsible Ship Recycling Standard

  • Since 2009, A.P. Moller - Maersk has had a responsible ship recycling standard based on a strict interpretation of the Hong Kong Convention regarding health, safety and environmental issues.
  • Makes additional demands regarding practices.
  • The standard goes beyond the Hong Kong Convention, e.g. by eliminating contact with the intertidal zone and by introducing anti-corruption, subcontractor conditions, labour and human rights as well as waste management – all based on international standards.
  • Limits our scope for selling old vessels near end of life, to eliminate incentives for selling vessels with the aim of substandard recycling by third parties.
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