ESG strategy 

We must take active responsibility for the society and environment we operate in. While this has always been our core belief, our understanding of what active responsibility constitutes has changed over time. And never more than in the last few years. 

Evolving our strategic approach

Working actively and strategically with all aspects of corporate risk and responsibility is a baseline requirement from our customers, investors, employees, regulators, civil society and other stakeholders – and their expectations are converging.   

Maersk is simultaneously undergoing its own transformation: from conglomerate to end-to-end logistics provider, from fossil fuel follower to green industry leader, and from technological conservative to digital frontrunner. 
Evolving strategic approach

Defining and working with our strategic priorities

Our ESG strategy is centered around three core commitments which encompass the areas that our Executive Leadership Team have determined as strategic priorities within the environment, social and governance dimensions. Our full ESG framework comprises 14 categories covering all of Maersk's material sustainability responsibilities, risks and opportunities.

The core commitments and their supporting KPIs and targets represent the issues where Maersk can create the most significant impact due to our company’s position, size and reach. This also makes them critical to the success of our business strategy.

Driving progress on our commitments

For each of the strategy's three core commitments, we have established supporting commitments and targets which steer our activities and enable our stakeholders to measure and hold us accountable for our performance.

In addition to the strategic priorities and targets, all of the 14 categories and relevant sub-categories covered by the ESG strategy have defined ambitions, KPIs and metrics for reporting – you can explore these here.

Our ESG governance framework

Overall governance of our ESG strategy is anchored in our Board of Directors and the Executive Leadership Team. Ownership. Responsibility for actions across the 14 categories is anchored in line of business to ensure alignment with business priorities and a long-term focus on ESG. A sponsor from the Executive Leadership Team is assigned to each category.

Across categories, a central steering committee (SteerCo) representing key corporate functions ensure direction, coordination and ESG subject matter expertise. Underlining the commitment to the ESG strategy, the Board of Directors has committed to linking executive remuneration to key ESG targets from 2023.

ESG in our central governance framework

Several ESG topics related to compliance are integrated into Maersk's central governance framework, Commit, which consists of 35 internal governance rules determining the goals and boundaries for our actions. Each rule has a designated owner in the organisation who is responsible for compliance reporting to the Risk and Compliance Committee.

Executive oversight of compliance with Commit is anchored in this committee, where three members of the Executive Leadership Team meet quarterly. The expectations of all employees on ESG compliance is described in the A.P. Moller - Maersk Code of Conduct, which is available here.

Whistleblower system

Maersk’s whistleblower system is a confidential channel where stakeholders can raise concerns about possible violations of laws or established Maersk rules in areas such as competition law, IT security, health and safety, fraud, corruption, human rights and labour rights, and sexual harassment, retaliation or discrimination. We do not tolerate discrimination or retaliation against persons submitting reports in good faith.

Whistleblower system

Maersk Ombuds

Maersk Ombuds is a neutral, independent, informal and 100% confidential function that will listen to and coach employees who do not feel comfortable reporting concerns to human resources departments, line managers the whistleblower system. More informal than the whistleblower system, the service offers a voluntary and safe place for employees to seek guidance and discuss concerns. The Ombuds function is governed by the principles of the International Ombudsman Association.

Maersk ombuds

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