Supply Chain Development

We can help you optimise and get more value from your supply chain.

The Maersk supply chain development team

We can help you extract more value from your supply chain and our team of experts can create the right solution for your business.

Supply chain expertise to build your business

Business today is highly dynamic. It constantly requires you to have one eye on your business, and the other on your supply chain strategy. As you cope with these ever-changing scenarios, it’s easy to overlook certain areas of your supply chain process that can help you maximise value. That’s where we come in.

Maersk’s Supply Chain Development (SCD) experts help you get more supply chain visibility. Our teams can help you identify blind spots critical to your overall business strategy. We also have a depth of logistics expertise – working with strategic customer partner across industries and geographies – which allow us to create a supply chain model and plan that fit your ambitions.

Our approach to your business

From site visits and market research to supply chain strategy and optimisation, we work with you to re-engineer your logistics to so that you keep your competitive advantage.

How we work with the customers

  • We do our back-ground research to understand your business and the market you are in
  • Through workshops and site-visits we jointly identify and prioritize opportunities for optimization based on your strategic direction
  • Based on rigorous analysis, we prepare clear recommendations that allow you to make informed decisions on changes to your supply chain
  • Once a new solution is agreed upon, we help create the development plan

Breaking down the layers of Party Logistics

As the debate between the different “PL” or party logistics continues, it may often get confusing to differentiate the various levels. Outsourcing logistics operations is essential for FMCG companies. An-in-house logistics department may be cost-effective but takes away time and focus from your main priority – your business.

The right PL can help simplify your supply chain, lower costs and overcome coordination and visibility challenges. Here, we are taking the example of a dairy producer, Jake, to see how the different PLs impact his supply chain:

Party logistics

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