Supply Chain Modelling

Let us map out the most effective solutions for your future supply chain.

supply chain modelling

How it works

Supply Chain Modelling starts with our experts using methods like graphical analysis, and network and inventory optimisation routines to build a model of your current supply chain.

After this, they take the help of several modelling tools and your business data to simulate locations, routes, and other network details. Our experts then test these simulations against the practical demands of your business in what is usually an iterative process.

In the end, this helps you see and experiment with alternatives, before having to invest in them.

The benefits of modelling are not restricted to advanced supply chain architecture. You can have us apply similar methods to individual facilities or products, taking into account current and historic demand patterns or forecasts. This can help you:

  • Customise your storage and distribution strategies to maximise returns
  • Identify costly inventory or distribution policies that are offering little return
  • Prioritise the management of critical and non-critical items
  • Reduce inventory with respect to fast-moving goods by bypassing central DCs
  • Re-model the effects of these decisions for maximum optimisation

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