A story of how our flexible logistics solutions helped a retailer to make agile decisions in unpredictable times

Reimagine agility The Customer

The customer

The Challenge One of the largest footwear brands in the world with more than 4,000 employees, 90 sales markets and the desire to create and offer stylish and comfortable shoes.

Reimagine agility Maersk Challenge

The challenge

The Covid-19 outbreak posed two major problems

The shutdown of factories and a struggling local transportation in terms of capacity created an outbound challenge in China, which is one of the biggest sourcing origins for the Retailer.

With the increasing spread of the pandemic, an inbound logistics challenge arose in the destination countries as demands across countries have fallen due to lockdowns and closure of high-street stores. 

It was key to identify most affected areas to navigate the right inflow of cargo to quickly adapt to demand fluctuations and actively react on potential congestion at their facilities.
Reimagine agility Maersk Solution

The Maersk solution

At Maersk, we ramped-up communication to provide our customer with daily reports to bring in better visibility across the supply chain. With real-time updates and close monitoring, the Retailer knew exactly what was in their pipeline 24/7 to ensure strategic planning to mitigate any risk of a potential slack in the supply chain.

Moreover, our integration of ocean and logistics services helped slowdown the flow of goods to match the falling demands of the products. This was done by prioritizing shipments, adjusting loading plans per demand and quickly allocating additional warehousing space in the United States - the products’ major destination.

The result

With a high level of visibility and integrated supply chain solutions, the customer was able to make flexible decisions in a volatile trade environment.

The company experienced

Real-time updates 24/7: This logistical transparency supported our customer to make informed trade decisions with more agility.

Stronger bonds: The customer was able to maintain strong relationships with their partners such as factories and carriers.

Reduction of costs: Additional charges in demurrage and detention because of the lack of storage capacity at destination were trimmed by allocating additional warehousing space.

Seamless movement: Inland transportation services to support the Retailers’ existing network with last mile delivery to final destination.

Flexibility to shape your retail supply chain

The integration of ocean and logistics services provides us with a unique advantage - the flexibility to tailor solutions according to your needs for both single products and product bundles. This includes finding different ways of transportation and alternative routes to handle supply chain disruptions if needed.

To determine which option will be the most effective for your business, contact us.

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