We would like to offer you our latest update on the outbreak of COVID-19 and any impact to Maersk’s operations in United Arab Emirates.

Maersk leadership teams, as well as management in all other areas where cases of COVID-19 have been identified, are closely monitoring the situation as part of our strong commitment to ensure the safety of our employees whilst working towards mitigating any possible impact to our customers’ operations.

Please bookmark this advisory page where you will always find the latest update for United Arab Emirates!

01 Jul 2020:

General Status

We at Maersk, wish you and your family the best of health and safety.

It is encouraging to see the world opening and economies picking up momentum again. Per latest guidelines from UAE Government, we are monitoring the development on re-opening of economic activities basis maintained precautionary measures. We believe and support in being Stronger Together.

We are also enabling new opportunities for our customers growth and successes through connection of people, processes and data. To find out how - watch this movie.

Operational Update

We continue to be 100% operational, with our staff who have resumed office as per the latest guidelines and precautions announced by UAE Government and authorities. Our main considerations are safety of our colleagues, government requirements and business requirements.

All Maersk operations including terminals, offices, warehousing, and other facilities continue to operate uninterrupted as per usual.

Counter update

For our Counter services, we are taking measures to ensure seamless service and are open per working hours basis certain hygiene and precautionary measures taken for our visitors. Therefore, we really appreciate your support in using our document drop-off facility.

To mitigate any possible impact on your supply chain operations, we would like to offer below solutions.

We have setup a ‘Priority Cargo Release’ for below commodities being Imported into United Arab emirates that will call out our attention to provide you the best support in issuance of Delivery Orders and all shipment tracking information you would need.

  • Medicines
  • Sanitization and medical equipment’s
  • Fresh Fruits & Vegetables (in Reefer & Dry containers)
  • Dairy Products

We are also here to support you on Import Customs Clearance and Transportation services. Please contact our local customer service team for the best offers and support.

Collection of Delivery Order ( COVID Priority essential cargo )

  • Request for delivery order on ae.import@maersk.com along with scan copy of OBL and other supporting documents. Please insert “ BL number XXXXXXX : COVID Priority Cargo” in your email subject line. For list of documents required for delivery order release, click here
  • If you are dropping off original bills in our drop box, please affix “COVID Priority” slip to prioritize your cargo release.
  • Kindly plan your request for Delivery Order in a timely way, which can accommodate our processing time and benefit you to avail the standard / contracted Detention Freetime of your shipment.

Collection of Delivery Order ( regular cargo )

  • For Seaway BL : For ease of operations during these times, kindly request your origin parties to move on Sea waybills or telex release.
  • For waybills the process remain AS-IS where it is issued through ae.import@maersk.com

For Original BL

  • Step 1 : Request for delivery order on ae.import@maersk.com along with scan copy of OBL and other supporting documents. For list of documents required for delivery order release, click here
  • Step 2: kindly drop off the OBL along with request letters and your email-id , Contact details in drop-off box located near counter area . Kindly ensure, your document set is complete with all required stamp endorsement. This is to ensure you do not face any delay in DO processing
  • In case you face any difficulty to visit our office for dropping-off the Original BL’s , Please contact our Import Customer Service team for solutions on +971.4.3326200
  • Step 3: Maersk Counter team will email you the DO via Email. Please note that with this setup, there will be an impact on our turnaround time for Delivery order issuance. Hence, we seek you full cooperation.

Collection of original bills of ladings from the counter

  • We urge you to confirm your Export Bill of Ladings, as Waybills which are available for print from Maersk website instead of original bill of ladings.
  • If you require original bills of lading, we will be happy to assist with the below options
    • Subscribe to Maersk Web BL facility wherein BL can be printed in your own premises. For more details click on the link: E-BILL OF LADING

Telex release for shipments reflecting consignee name

  • Web customer and original bills of lading is not printed, send an e-mail with shipper’s telex request letter basis which we will keep the original bill of lading with us and arrange release of cargo to the nominated party as per your request.
  • Web customer and original bills of lading is printed, send an e-mail confirming the destruction of the 1st set of bills of lading along with shipper’s telex request letter basis which we will arrange the release of cargo to the nominated party as per your request.
  • Non web customer and original bills of lading not printed, send an e-mail with shipper’s telex request letter basis which we will keep the original bill of lading with us and arrange release of cargo to the nominated party as per your request.
  • Non web customer and original bills of lading collected, please arrange to drop the the original bills of lading along with telex letter in our office into the switch bl drop off box clearly mentioning the reason for drop off on the check list.

For the 1st 3 options, you do not need to visit the counter & can arrange the telex process right at your door step.

Telex release for shipments reflecting as ‘To Order’ or ‘To Order of shipper’

  • Require 3/3 original bills of lading endorsed by the shipper.
  • Original telex request letter from the shipper with the release to party details.

Telex release for shipments reflecting as ‘To Order of a bank’

  • Require 3/3 original bills of lading endorsed by the bank.
  • Original telex request letter from the shipper with the release to party details.
  • An e-mail/written request from the nominated bank as an approval to proceed with the telex along with the release to party details mentioned on the letter.

Please note that effective 2nd June 2020 onwards telex charges of AED 250 and amendment charges of USD 25 for BL type change from Original Bill of Lading to Sea way bill is being re-instated per original tariff. Hence these charges will be applicable per your request for processing.

Collection of Maersk Stationery/IMO Labels/Vessel Certificate/Seals/Bank Guarantee

  • Maersk Stationery, IMO labels and Vessel Certificates will be issued only on Wednesday between 0900 Hrs. to 1200 Hrs.
  • Seal Issuance and Bank guarantee acceptance will continue AS-IS


  • The payment process remain AS-IS
  • Please share details of any payments made with us– that is, any proof of payment such as a scanned copy of cheques deposited, electronic funds transfer receipts, ATM receipts etc. through our online receipting channel on Maersk - MyFinance or via email on uaepayments@maersk.com

Working hours per regular business hours as below

Telephone business hours : 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Sunday to Thursday (Boardline: +971.4.3326200)
Counter drop off: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Sunday to Thursday (closed on Friday & Saturday)
Live chat:7:00 AM – 9:00 PM Sunday to Thursday, 7:00 AM–4:00 PM Saturday and closed on Friday.

Our business addresses ae.import@maersk.com, ae.export@maersk.com and uaepayments@maersk.com will also be operating as per above timing.

Our Digitized Solutions

The Digital capabilities of www.maersk.com allows you to avail faster resolution at your fingertips. Hence, we encourage you to avail our ‘Ease of Shipping’ solutions provided on the top right side of the page under resources. Should you wish to learn further, please feel free to contact your Maersk CS Local Representative.

SPOT SD Booking

Please also note SD bookings are now accepted on our SPOT platform, ensuring you our most efficient booking process, best price, cargo and to learn more, please visit: Maersk-Spot.

Your Supply Chain Integrator

We are here to support the continuity of your business by leveraging on our Supply Chain Integrator strength.

Inland & CHB Services

Our landside services are fully operational and exempted from any local lock downs. You can fully rely on us for all additional value-added services required locally, be it CHB or our inland services.

To ensure smooth end-to-end delivery of your products, we offer strong inland transportation services in one single transaction. Our inland services connect key inland service points within UAE and major container ports with each other and to the rest of the world. Our Customs House Brokerage services can help you with the complexities of border controls and customs regulations. For import and export cargos. At both - origin and destination.

Supply Chain Management

Our Supply chain management brings logistical activities and data together, turning these into strategic, growth-enabling tools. Bringing your materials, components and products to your network of vendors. Our team becomes an extension of yours and we plan, execute, and optimize the flow of your cargo, documents, and information.

Warehousing & Distribution

Fulfilling your commitment to your customers is our priority too. So is our commitment to helping your business adapt to the current market changes while minimizing risks. That is why we offer dedicated solutions across an extensive network of shared warehousing and distribution operations.

Our Fulfilment Centers provide our customers with receipt and storage of goods, inventory management, picking and packing of pallets, cases based on outbound orders to end customers; infrastructure in place goes from Regional to Domestic Distribution Centers.

Maersk 4PL

Amidst growing competition and rapidly changing market conditions, you need a lead logistics provider to manage your supply chain partners. Maersk’s 4PL logistics services take away the complexity of supply chain from your routine so that you can focus better on your core business. Our 4PL experts handle and optimize your end-to-end supply chain.

Maersk Value Protect

A solution that keeps your cargo protected from logistic-related risks. While we always do our utmost to take good care of your cargo, things can go wrong. Value Protect provides alternative carriage terms that offer higher recovery limits on claims. At competitive prices and all in a single place.

Learn more on

Should you have any concern and/or queries, please feel free to contact your Maersk Local Representative, we will be happy to assist you.

Keep your business moving during the COVID-19 situation

We have outlined solutions which might help during this uncertain time. We are developing alternative services across the logistic chain where possible and our customer service teams are able to provide more context.

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