4PL Logistics Solutions

Your complete supply chain management solution.

Our 4PL experts handle and optimise your end-to-end supply chain

Amidst growing competition and rapidly changing market conditions, you need a lead logistics provider to manage your supply chain partners. Maersk’s 4PL logistics services take away the complexity of supply chain from your routine so that you can focus better on your core business.

Supply Chain Orchestrator

We take away the hassle of juggling multiple providers in the supply chain by acting as your single point of control and letting you have end-to-end visibility across geographies.

Handling of supply chains made easy

Freight audit

Want to reduce administrative overheads and streamline your audit processes? We audit invoices based on pre-agreed rules linked to operational data and contracted rates.

Freight Audit 4PL Logistics

Booking agent

If shipping isn’t your core business, its complexities shouldn’t be either. We do all the heavy-lifting, right from your factory to your customer.

Handling of supply chains made easy

Digital solutions at your fingertips

Data is where the profits hide. Our data experts analyse past and current performances to arrive at optimal solutions for the future.

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