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Maximising the positive impact of the COVID-19 vaccine

The Pharmaceutical industry has been working tirelessly to do what usually takes 5-10 years, in a mere 10 months. As the first few vaccines get approved, we continue to prepare for the rollout with immediate actions that stress test supply chain robustness. Additionally, we are building on our long-term strategies to support the mass distribution of the vaccines and the related accessories required for their administration.

Despite the most recent developments, there are still some ideas that we need to put into place over the next several months. We are simultaneously trying to build new solutions from the ground up and use our existing network, infrastructure, expertise, and technology creatively. We are constantly looking for new ways to deliver to locations with little infrastructure. Moreover, some of the finest minds in our organisation have come together, to ensure that our teams work as an extension of our partners’ to do good for the world and keep global businesses running, all at once.

Our solutions

There’s no doubt that providing people with the COVID -19 vaccine around the world is going to be a mammoth task. With such scale, challenges are bound to arise. Discover how we've carefully thought through our solutions, in order to minimize mistakes, maximize efficiency, and prevent community systems from being overloaded.

Vincent Clerc

Helping partners succeed on a global stage

On their mission to defeat COVID-19, COVAXX, a subsidiary of United Biomedical Inc (UBI), has partnered with us. Together, we are committed to bringing their COVID-19 vaccine to developing countries, where needs are largely unmet today. The aim is to distribute up to a billion doses worldwide in 2021.

Maersk will drive logistics-related activities, from origin to destination, to ensure the highest levels of efficiency at every stage of the distribution. We’ve moulded our GDP compliant, temperature-controlled supply chain to meet COVAXX’s precise needs, including packing, transportation via ship, air, and land, warehousing, and distribution, all connected and simplified by our end-to-end supply chain management.

Vincent Clerc

It is not enough to focus on vaccine development and approvals. We must work in parallel to establish the infrastructure and partners with the strongest capabilities, like Maersk, to safely deliver our vaccine around the world.

Mei Mei Hu
Chief Executive Officer of COVAXX

Beyond Business

Battling a worldwide public health emergency will take more than the might of a global, cold chain network. What our partners and patients also need is a deep understanding of the local nuances, especially of areas that are difficult to reach, let alone able to sustain GDP compliant supply chains. 

In South Sudan, for instance, administrative and logistics challenges made it imperative for our humanitarian partners at the UN to start building cold chain capacity early. In order to expedite their efforts and provide them with more time for planning, we have donated three 40-foot refrigerated containers to the country. These containers will serve as strategically located cold chain storage units for last mile deployment to hospitals and communities, where the vaccines will be administered.

Additionally, for this special project in South Sudan, we’ve built on everything we learnt last year from our work with the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Mozambique, following Cyclone Idai. In a matter of days, the WHO needed to distribute a Cholera vaccine, which they were able to do successfully by relying heavily on our cold chain capabilities. In the coming months, we intend to provide the same cold chain resilience to the people in South Sudan.

Vincent Clerc

Minimising negative impact on your supply chain

The spread of the COVID-19 virus within and beyond China is having a major impact on the logistics industry and will continue to cause disruptions for some time. Various industries are facing challenges along their supply chain such as vendor´s low capacity and production, raw material shortages, lead time issues, ocean blank sailings and truck/transport capacity constraints.

"While the current situation is unavoidably adding pressure to our business too, we want to reassure you that Maersk went into this situation from a position of strength and is a well and conservatively financed company, with a solid foundation to see you and your important cargo through these volatile times." says Vincent Clerc, CEO of Ocean and Logistics at Maersk.

Vincent Clerc

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