Warehousing and Distribution

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Fulfilling your commitment to your customers is our priority too. So is our commitment to helping your business adapt to rapid market changes while minimising investment risks. That’s why we offer dedicated solutions across an extensive network of shared warehousing and distribution operations..

Warehousing services: Distribution services:
Inventory management and control Order fulfillment, pick and pack by order, SKUs, etc.
Order processing, inbound and outbound Retail store distribution
Yard management Replenishment and fulfillment programs
Vendor/Carrier performance Cross-docking and transloading
Cross-docking/Flow distribution Inventory control
Static and dynamic replenishment Return management and reverse logistics programs
Load building Special order handling, refurbishment and kitting
Kitting and value added services High sensitivity and responsiveness to your service requirements

Import and Export Distribution

Every aspect of this solution is customised to your import and export requirements. From distribution centre infrastructure, and product flow to the assignment of your resources.

Import Export Distribution Centre

Import-Export Distribution Services:

  • Receipt and Storage
  • (De)consolidation
  • Order Picking
  • Labelling, Bar-Coding and Repackaging
  • Despatch
  • Inventory Management
  • Quality Assurance and Inspection
  • Re-packing, Labelling and Kitting
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Value Added Services

In an omni-channel world, some of the most effective solutions are those with the flexibility to minimise go to market efforts and consistently deliver to production lines, on time. Maersk’s new services are no different.


Whether it is for ease of handling or to increase ‘shelf appeal’, there are times when you need to create new display packaging for your product. And you can do this faster and cheaper if the repackaging design, from concept to placement on the retail floor, is a planned logistics process rather than a last-minute addition.


Barcode and RFID labels that are fully integrated with your supply chain systems and those of your customers, increase efficiency. Combined with streamlined processes, they enhance code verification processes while reducing the technical support you need and your label stock management costs.


Our Kitting services allow you to bundle precisely the components, tools and supplies that you need for a production or maintenance job, into packages. This helps optimise inventory based on the demand for parts, reduce purchase orders (one kit rather than 15 parts), lower stock levels and cut inventory costs.

Crossdocking and transloading

Crossdocking and Transloading

These solutions enable you to transfer your cargo from shipping containers directly to outbound trailers and consolidate it with other freight, with little or no storage in-between. This eliminates the need for a Distribution Center at the port of entry, makes scheduling of labour more efficient, and reduces inland transport costs significantly.

Maersk’s services include:

  • Container drayage from port to cross-dock facility
  • Multiple container arrivals on the same day for de-vanning
  • Splitting of PO/SKUs based on your distribution allocation
  • Automatic sorting and straight in-out approach
  • Dispatch of trailers by road or rail to the inland DC
  • Domestic Advance Shipment Notifications

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