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We’ve got your cross-continental cargo journey covered

Be it imports from another part of the world or exporting your cargo to a different continent, our cross-continental rail, road and barge solutions are designed to move your containers to and from the port without any hassle.

A rail carrying multiple inland cargo containers.

Keeping your cargo moving beyond the oceans

Just moving your cargo from one port to another is not enough. Once it’s unloaded from the vessel, it must keep moving, using landside transportation, until it reaches your destination. During this process, working with many providers creates the hassle of having to coordinate between multiple modes of transportation.

In this video, Chris Moss, European Head of Transport at Maersk talks about how working with Maersk as your one-stop-shop solution for ocean and inland can make your supply chain more flexible.

Intermodal-Carrier Haulage

We seamlessly integrate ocean and inland transportation through our intermodal carrier haulage service so you can move past any supply chain disruptions caused by congested ports, labour shortages or strapped capacity.

A few benefits of our carrier haulage service:

  • Reduced demurrage and detention spend
  • Eliminates container pick-up and drop-off surcharges
  • Seamless transport with less handover points
  • Prioritised equipment availability, with better forecast and planning
Cargo transportation services - An aerial view couple of trucks with Maersk cargo containers.

Combine ocean and intermodal through Maersk

Leverage our solutions to get smooth container transportation from origin to destination.

One-stop shop

Get a single point of contact and one invoice for both ocean and carrier haulage services with us managing your multimodal logistics needs.


Get transparency on costs and actual lead times with our digital booking and tracking solutions. Use real-time tracking and alerts for trucks-in-transit, available in a few locations.​

Flexibility pictogram

Change routes, switch modes of transport on the fly or scale up/down capabilities to accommodate uncertainties or disruptions in your supply chain.

Decarbonise your inland transport with Cross Border Transportation

Logistics is a significant contributor of emissions across industries. Finding alternative modes of transport is crucial to decarbonising your logistics. Cross Border Transportation is an interregional service that combines rail and truck transport to move your cargo in Europe. It uses modal shift to rail to move more cargo in fewer containers.

Discover how Cross Border Transportation can help you achieve your decarbonisation goals.

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Explore our inland services network within Europe

Your cargo doesn’t have to stop at the port in Europe. With Maersk's extensive network, get reliable connectivity across water and land within the region.

Inland rail transport services - Close-up of cargo containers.


Transfer your goods across Europe and between Europe and Asia sustainably with rail services and inland hubs that are strategically located near ports, warehouses and airports. Based on your unique inland needs, leverage our inland solutions that are not only efficient, but also eco-friendly.

Case in point is our recently launched intermodal weekly train service in Bulgaria that connects Burgas to Plovdiv and Sofia. Businesses were previously dependent on road for cargo transportation on this route. Now, the logistics landscape is transformed by not only single container services but also block train services in both directions.

Our rail coverage in Europe

Europe inland services map rail
A truck with a Maersk container carrying road cargo.


Gain extensive connectivity and optimise your supply chain with our fleet of trucks, which provide access to any destination in Europe. Our road transportation service allows you to collect goods from any warehouse or distribution centre and deliver them to your desired destination 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Reach the most remote inland locations in Europe with our road connections.

Europe inland services map road
An aerial view of a Maersk ship carrying inland cargo containers.


Avoid congested terminals and shorten the duration between departure weeks with our barge services. Our highly flexible and reliable barge service offers you the choice to upscale or downscale based on market demand.

It also offers a fixed schedule with reliable delivery service between deep-sea terminals and inland terminals, with barge transit time between 1 to 3 days.

Barge connections available across Germany

Europe inland services map barge Germany

Barge connections available across Netherlands

Europe inland services map barge Netherlands

Barge connections available across Switzerland

Europe inland services map barge Switzerland

You can find the latest inland prices for different modes of transport here: Maersk: Inland Price

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