Inland Transportation Services

Seamlessly move your containerised cargo from major vessel terminals to your designated inland locations.

Inland transportation of containerised goods for export and import - with ease and flexibility

Maersk’s Inland Transportation Services connect key service hub points and major container yards (CY) with your designated inland location – be it a warehouse, store door location (SD), container freight station (CFS), or any other place your container needs to be stuffed and/or unstuffed. Our extensive network of rail coverage, trucking and barge, ensure your goods keep moving beyond ports seamlessly. This allows you to experience the comfort of end-to-end deliveries with a single partner that optimises your supply chain to give your business a competitive edge.

As a leading logistics integrator with an unrivalled global network, Maersk offers end-to-end transportation solutions that are second to none. After all, your cargo journeys rarely begin or end at ports.

Intermodal services moving your containers between inland facilities and ocean ports

We understand that inland transportation is very different from ocean logistics. It requires faster response times, flexibility to change supply chain strategy on the move, is cost sensitive and above all, hinges strongly on reliable delivery times to last-mile destinations.

Our services Intermodal-Carrier Haulage and Intermodal-Multi Carrier are designed to address your end-to-end logistics concerns with a focus on the inland transportation of full container loads (FCL). They are scalable and can be adjusted according to your cargo, routes, business processes and even sudden market changes.

End-to-end logistics – An illustration of a man pushing a trolley with cargo toward a truck with containers in the background.

Intermodal-Carrier Haulage

Extend your supply chain reach from ocean ports to inland locations with ease. Wherein you have the flexibility and control to ensure your goods keep moving and reach local markets on time. Rely on high-quality transportation solutions combining truck, rail and barge, along with inland value-added services (VAS) available for both export and import transport. Stay in complete control of your end-to-end supply chain with:

Inland delivery solutions  A truck with Maersk cargo container in the background
Global and local reach

Maersk gives you the global coverage you need to reach nearly every local landside market in the world with one truly integrated logistics partner. 

Ease of business

Build a robust and digitally connected end-to-end supply chain with one point of contact, one integrated invoice and one clear objective – to be in sync with your business needs and goals.

Collaboration with Maersk experts
Dependable expertise

Rely on experienced teams that mitigate issues and resolve challenges proactively, giving you peace of mind to focus on your core business and customers.

Agile flexibility

Change routes, switch modes of transport on the fly, and even scale capacities up or down to accommodate any uncertainty or disruption in your supply chain. 

Trade transition
Specialised needs

Rely on years of experience and know-how to handle delivery for a range of specialised cargo. From temperature-controlled commodities to dangerous goods and even specialised containers for out-of-gauge goods.

Need to know more on how Maersk Intermodal-Carrier Haulage makes for hassle-free logistics from ocean ports to last-mile inland markets?

Intermodal-Multi Carrier

No matter which ocean carrier you ship with, when your goods get to port, be assured that we provide best-in-class inland logistics solutions with our local network of trucking, rail and barge transportation. Simplify and streamline your end-to-end supply chain with:

Intermodal-Multi Carrier
Decision Making
Streamlined processes

With one single point of contact for all your inland transportation needs, we make sure to simplify your end-to-end logistics by coordinating with all your vendors on your behalf. And with our global inland network, we help you reach nearly every local market in the world with ease.

Quick response times

Need to shift strategies fast? We can help you scale capacities and switch destinations and modes of transport to help you react to change quicker.

Ease of billing

Receive a clear and transparent invoice that has a breakdown of freight lanes, add-ons and freight accessorial, that provides full visibility on charges.


Work together to achieve your decarbonisation goals with an integrated logistics partner that constantly innovates scientifically-proven products and services to help identify and lower emissions in your supply chain.

Need to know more on how can Maersk Intermodal-Multi Carrier solutions be a perfect fit for your business?

Your inland logistics on track - Cross Border Rail Transportation

Transporting goods reliably, economically and more sustainably across landside destinations has the perfect choice – Cross Border Rail Transportation. An inland rail service with an extensive network of international railroads connected through terminals located across countries and continents that keep goods moving on time and on point. Combined with Maersk’s truly integrated global and local network, you can now deliver more predictable end-to-end logistics. Identify and evaluate new routes to better help connect your goods to their last-mile destinations.

Cross Border Rail Transportation

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