Inland Transportation Services

Seamlessly move your containerised cargo from major vessel terminals to your designated inland locations.

How to book Inland Transportation Services

Booking Intermodal-Carrier Haulage or Multi-Carrier Haulage is as simple as booking any other shipment with Maersk. No extra steps needed.

  1. Log into your Maersk account, go to Book and click on New Booking.
  2. On Your booking details page, enter all the relevant details.
    • Service mode (store door at origin, destination or both)
    • Booking party details
    • Earliest departure date
    • Commodity description
    • Container requirements
  3. On the next popup, enter details as per your contractual status with us and click Continue.
  4. On the Additional details tab, fill the preferred date and address for container loading.
  5. Review your booking and Submit. Your Inland Transportation Services booking will be complete.
How to book?

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