Cross Border Transportation in Europe

Achieve greater reliability while efficiently decarbonising the movement of your containerised cargo.

What is Cross Border Transportation?

Cross Border Transportation is an interregional service that combines rail and truck transport to move your cargo to any destination in Europe. It offers:

  • Simplified logistics with one point of contact
  • A global logistics partner with local expertise
  • Flexible solutions that adapt to your changing supply chain needs
  • Alternative transport options that help you decarbonise logistics
  • Agility to easily access new markets and/or locations
  • Efficiency with a single invoice covering end-to-end transportation
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Gain landside reliability with modal shifts from truck to rail transport

Responding to changing market situations while managing decarbonisation goals is a lofty task. Companies are now looking for ways to control their capacity, move their products faster and reduce the number of touchpoints.

In this video, Christian Carstensson Olesen, Product Owner, Cross Border Transportation at Maersk, discusses how Cross Border Transportation helps you achieve reliability, resilience and decarbonisation.

Transporting your cargo across Europe just got easier

The logistics industry is shifting its focus back to rail transport. This is because rail offers more reliability and aids your decarbonisation efforts. While this move brings many new possibilities, it doesn’t come without difficulties.

In the e-book, Back on track: The pros and pros of rail in European logistics, our experts discuss the biggest challenges faced by companies transporting cargo across Europe, why rail is vital to overcoming them and how Maersk is at the forefront of driving this progress.

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Why choose Cross Border Transportation?

Along with being a flexible inland solution, Cross Border Transportation also offers several other advantages.

Reliable Last Mile Deliveries

Rail networks offer fixed schedules, frequent departures, and guaranteed availability through Maersk's controlled block space agreements.

High cube 45
High loading capacity

Access Maersk’s pool of 45 ft high cube pallet wide containers and our loading capacity of up to 27 tonnes payload/33 pallets/89 cubic metres using our inland solutions.

Customer care
Regional control tower

Use our dedicated control tower for Cross Border Transportation to handle operations and reduce time spent on coordination.


Use modal shift to rail to move multiple containers in one go. Get baseline emissions data and calculate potential savings with Maersk Emissions Dashboard.

Combine rail and road to decarbonise your cargo journey

Cross Border Transportation uses modal shift to lower your inland supply chain’s GHG emissions. Get pre and on-carriage processes via truck, which means you can combine road and rail transport, based on your supply chain needs.

With this solution, you can move multiple containers to your destinations in one go using trains, particularly during the longest leg of your supply chain journey. With most of Europe’s rail network being electrified, this helps you move closer to decarbonising your logistics.

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