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From plastics to paint, beauty to home care products and even automotive parts, the chemical supply chain comprises a myriad of products.

At Maersk, our experts understand the unique requirements of your product and business and build a supply chain solution that is tailor-made for you.

We distinguish between three overarching types of chemicals:

Agrochemicals and fertilisers

Your industry is in a state of constant growth. One of the primary driving factors behind this growth is that the global demand for food production will always be there. Thus, the need for agrochemicals and fertilisers will never cease to exist. However, just because there’s demand doesn’t mean that it’s smooth sailing for your industry. Therefore, you need a trusted logistics integrator who can help boost your business and support conversion.

Agrochemicals – A green agricultural field and the N fertiliser ratio.

Commodity Chemicals

Commodity chemicals are produced in large volumes where price is the main influencing factor as product differentiation within commodity chemicals is very low. At Maersk, we divide commodity chemicals into three sub-groups:

  • Petrochemicals are the chemical products obtained from petroleum or natural gas, and include olefins, aromatics and synthetic gasses.
  • Base Inorganics are chemical substances used as a starting material for the production of a variety of other chemicals. Basic chemicals are composed of industrial gasses, fertilisers, acids, bases and chlorine.
  • Polymers can be either natural or synthetic and include materials like plastics, resin, rubber, fibres and elastomers.

Speciality Chemicals

Speciality chemicals cover a wide variety of chemicals and are generally known as performance chemicals, as they are used based on their performance or function. This group of chemicals is used as ingredients in finished products and to improve manufacturing processes with a wide variety of effects. They encompass two sub-groups:

  • Consumer Chemicals include soaps, detergents, perfumes and cosmetics. These are products that are sold to the end-consumer.
  • Other chemical substances this group of speciality chemicals can be dedicated to agricultural purposes like crop protection, but other segments also include paint, inks, dyes and pigments. These types of chemicals are often produced in small volumes.
Specialty Chemicals

Services that fuel your business

Our extensive infrastructure, equipment and network keep your cargo moving whether production is high or low. Our end-to-end supply chain management ensures cost-efficiencies that’ll help you stay competitive, even in a low margin market. Our flexible logistics solutions enable you to deliver on your customer promises with confidence.

In other words, while your business focusses on modernising, we can help your logistics team deliver on goals outside the field of supply chains in areas such as manufacturing, finance, and sales, no matter what your product.

Services that fuel your business

We build our solutions around your needs

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Safety and Compliance
Zero compromises when it comes to the ability and expertise to adhere to strict regulations.
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Cost Efficiency
Optimise costs with lean, ‘minimal touch’ supply chain solutions.
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Enable continuous production even when demand fluctuates and when your cargo’s destination is unknown to you at the time of production.
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Keep all potential and existing customers within reach, regardless of your manufacturing location.
Get end-to-end visibility so you can bring the right product, to the right place, at the right time.
Let our experience in building sustainable supply chains guide your decision making.
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A partnership you can lean on under any circumstances to secure the value of your product.

A partnership beyond ocean

Use our deep understanding of the chemical industry and our expertise in running some of the most complex global supply chains around the world, to turn your supply chain into a catalyst for business growth.

Learn more about how you can do this by understanding our products and services better.

A partnership beyond ocean

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