Tailored supply chain solutions for your agrochemicals and fertilisers

With an integrated logistics partner for reliability, visibility and cost-optimisation.

Discover the art of finding balance within demand fluctuations

The agrochemical and fertiliser supply chain goes through massive shifts leading to various situations that might often be beyond your control. The right logistics integrator can ensure that you are able to navigate your way around these changes successfully. Our extensive global coverage and integrated solutions are tailor-made for agrochemical companies like you so that you can respond to customer demands and supply chain challenges with agility, speed, and reliability.

In comparison to break bulk, we can ship fertilisers in containers more safely and efficiently. Through our solutions, you are not just transporting fertilisers and agrochemicals; you will be able to achieve your larger goal of ‘feeding the world’. This means, by transporting your products safely and on time, you will be able to satiate one of the greatest needs of human beings - food. We can help you with:

Digital Complexity
Supply chain complexity
Get the visibility and optimal information flow to deal with multiple vendors across different locations to control your supply chain efficiently.
planning and control pictogram
Changes in market trends
From short lead times to changes in demand due to purchase behaviour, respond to every new trend in an agile and flexible way.
Cost efficiency pictogram
Find solutions that help with cost optimisation and give you the control back into your supply chain when dealing with low margin commodities.
Build a sustainable supply chain with our solutions to help you keep up with your customers’ demands of opting for more sustainable products.

Achieve success all the away

It’s now time to streamline your operations further while driving up cost-efficiency in a competitive price environment of the agrochemical and fertiliser industry. Having worked with leaders in this industry, we have a deep understanding of the increasing complexity and challenges your industry faces. Our customised solutions will empower you to respond to customer demands by making real-time and data-driven decisions.

An illustration of a woman using digital platforms to track agrochemicals and fertilisers shipment.

Other solutions to help your business with constant growth

Supply Chain Management Illustration
4PL and Supply Chain Management
Better visibility, flexibility, and control are crucial to optimise your supply chain flow. With 4PL and SCM, you will be able to achieve this successfully.
Customs services illustration
Maersk Customs Services
Integrated with 4PL, our Maersk Customs Services ensures that unnecessary complications over the flow of your goods get eliminated.
Bundle solutions illustration
Bundled Solution (Brazil only)
One logistics operator for transportation, terminals, rails, trucking, warehousing, and Maersk Customs Services. In addition to Mato Grosso rail, we can also handle shipments via rails and trucks from Santos and Paranaguá to the final destination.

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