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The impact of the pandemic on Chemical Supply Chains

COVID-19 has affected the chemical industry in unimaginable ways. Due to the border closures and restrictions placed in different parts of the world, our customers have had to find new ways to mitigate supply chains risks. With increased collaboration, innovative inventory solutions, and global organisation, they have faced these challenges head-on.

We had put together a whitepaper in which our customers from the chemicals industry discuss the impact of the pandemic on their logistics and how they dealt with the changes. Discover more as Henning Malmgren, Director of Chemicals, Middle East, Maersk, presents some of the highlights in the latest chemicals VLOG.

VLOG with Henning Malmgren, Director of Chemicals, Middle East, Maersk

The Chemicals Supply Chain: Lessons from the pandemic that are influencing strategy in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted Chemicals supply chains in unexpected ways, highlighting new challenges for our customers. At the centre of every solution we provide are customer needs. That’s why we have quickly taken the first step towards understanding them, by interviewing them and learning about how they have been uniquely affected by this unwavering pandemic. This whitepaper brings together the key themes from these interviews with added perspective from our regional colleagues, Chemicals team and market research. It uncovers the key areas of focus for Chemicals supply chains in 2021 including the need to accelerate digitalisation, as well as insight into how Maersk was able to adapt and keep customer businesses moving despite land border closures. We expect this white paper to act as a catalyst for conversations in the Chemicals industry that drive evolution in its best practices with respect to supply chain management and logistics services.

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