Customs House Brokerage

Experience simplified global customs with local expertise.

Local expertise, global reach

To seamlessly ship your cargo from point A to point B across the world, you must get your customs clearance done at both ends. A trusted partner, who understands the deep complexities of your supply chain, becomes an integral part of your operation.

Customs House Brokerage can help simplify your importing and exporting process. We provide visibility and efficiency along with a smoother compliance process, keeping your goods moving all the time. Our global presence also ensures you have a local solution to tackle any customs challenges.
Supply chain services

Why choose Customs Services?

Customs House Brokerage proactively manages your import and export activities to save you time and manage exceptions by:
Providing end-to-end integration

Integrate your customs process with our Supply Chain Management (SCM) platform for export data management and downstream import benefits.

Managing risk and unpredictability

A centralised team of experts executing your customs process with compliance and efficiency in mind.

Offering more compliance control

Dedicated compliance management teams who closely monitor your customs activity along with the latest changes in legislation.

Optimising your supply chain
Keeps the complex supply chain running smoothly, minimising downtime and reducing costs with a tailored-made approach that’s unique to your business needs.
Collaboration with Maersk customs clearance agents
A close working relationship with one customs service provider throughout your cargo journey; someone who understands your business needs and increases your supply chain efficiency and visibility.

Our range of Customs Services

Every importer and exporter needs to have customs clearance. Maersk can help expedite this process at both origin and destination. Our core services include:

  • Import Declarations
  • Export Declarations
  • In-Transit Declarations

Country-specific details

You can also add our customs services directly to your Maersk container booking. Our local customs experts know the ins and outs of every customs regulation. You can find the country-specific details below.

Big enough to handle the business, small enough to care

With Maersk, you can easily manage other crucial areas of your business and leave customs in the hands of a trusted partner. Here’s why:

We handle your business around the world

Every business and supply chain is unique. That’s why we tailor our broad range of customs solutions to fit your business needs, no matter the size of your operation.

New services and capabilities

Our suite of customs services are continuously evolving to help you understand and comply with trade regulations, and provide efficiency.

Strong data management and visibility

Our range of solutions gives you a bird's eye view to spot supply chain enhancement opportunities or deal with potential problems.

Efficient services that benefit your bottom line

We offer convenient and easy-to-use solutions to help you streamline your importing and exporting processes and reach your goals even faster.

How to book Customs House Brokerage

One supply chain, one platform – offers you the opportunity to manage your ocean business and customs clearance on one platform. It’s simple, fast and easy.
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