As competition heats up in the e-commerce market, retailers are in search of fast, cost-effective last-mile logistics options that let them stand out from the crowd. Automated, multi-carrier e-fulfilment solutions pioneered by e-retail giants are quickly becoming the norm in industries, from retail and fast-moving consumer goods to lifestyle and tech. That’s why an increasing number of online shops now rely on end-to-end e-fulfilment solutions from Maersk.

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Shipping is a major factor behind shopping cart abandonment

In 2022, the shopping cart abandonment rate across all e-commerce industries was 68%, according to an aggregated study by the Baymard Institute. Explore the reasons why customers abandon their shopping carts here. This means that over two-thirds of all items added to an online shopping cart end up not being purchased.

Soaring abandonment rates have set online retailers on the search for answers: why are shoppers clicking away before completing their purchase? And how can retailers optimise the user experience to minimise cart abandonment?

In many cases, cart abandonment can be attributed simply to the nature of online shopping behaviour. Around six out of ten people who abandon a shopping cart without completing an order say they were ”just browsing”.

Top 4 reasons for cart abandonment

WIFI signal
Just browsing (58%)
Cost efficiency pictogram
Unexpected costs, such as shipping costs (48%)
Create an account
Site required me to create an account (24%)
Delivery truck
Slow delivery (22%)

Yet, if we filter out shoppers who are ‘just browsing’, the number-one driver of cart abandonment is unexpected costs. Nearly half of cart abandoners (48%) say they break off the purchase when they encounter unexpected charges during checkout, such as shipping costs. Another 22% said slower-than-expected delivery caused them to abandon their cart.

Streamlining the e-fulfilment experience

While retailers cannot stop customers from ‘just browsing’, they can take action to address the other leading causes of cart abandonment. Many retailers are now optimising their checkout and e-fulfilment processes.

Maersk E-Commerce Logistics solutions streamline e-fulfilment so that online retailers can offer their customers the shipping experience they expect. Our wide range of flexible e-fulfilment services saves retailers time, so they can focus on their core business. Some of the advantages include:

  • Single point of contact for all last-mile delivery needs
  • Vast network of 200 carriers across Europe and the US, including
  • customer-friendly ‘local heroes’
  • Lower costs, with access to competitive rates for each shipment
  • Flexibility to switch carriers seamlessly
  • Smooth scalability for cross-border expansion
  • Better cost control thanks to Maersk’s end-to-end logistics management services, such as inventory management, customs clearance handling and parcel tracking
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Streamlining e-commerce logistics with smart technologies

With Maersk as their e-fulfilment partner, retailers benefit from our digital capabilities, including seamless integrations into their sales channels. This allows for a fast start-up and minimal IT workload.

The Maersk digital e-fulfilment platform gives e-commerce retailers a convenient dashboard to oversee all their logistics operations, including:

  • Access to orders and shipments
  • Full visibility over stock levels across warehouses
  • Allocation of inventory to different sales channels
  • Easy management of customers’ sales orders and exceptions
  • Reporting and analytics

Maersk’s logistics technologies extend far beyond the back office. State-of-the-art Numina and Cubiscan order fulfilment automation machines enable Maersk to automate the entire shipping process for a faster, more efficient e-fulfilment experience.

Retailers in all e-commerce industries now rely on Maersk for our vast direct-to-consumer infrastructure. This includes warehousing and storage scalable for peak-season inventory, as well as value added services like packaging solutions, pick & pack and inventory management. The last-mile delivery service also includes customer-friendly two-day shipping and parcel-tracking options.

Maersk ship at terminal

A global e-fulfilment partner

With its global reach, Maersk supports e-commerce retailers in reaching international markets. This includes access to all major last-mile carriers (such as DHL and FedEx) to make cross-border shipping easier and more cost-effective, as well as easy returns management and customs handling.

Other customer-focused e-fulfilment solutions from Maersk include:

  • Reliable international transit times
  • Reduced shipping costs through volume bundling
  • Full visibility with standardised tracking

The importance of multi-carrier logistics

To provide the ideal customer experience, retailers are prioritising flexible last-mile delivery options. One major trend over the past few years is multi-carrier fulfilment.

With a multi-carrier strategy, retailers ship their merchandise using not one, but multiple last-mile delivery partners. This approach gives retailers the flexibility to take advantage of competitive pricing and seamlessly switch carriers whenever needed. Best of all, their customers enjoy faster, cheaper delivery, which helps prevent shopping cart abandonment while also boosting retention and loyalty.

Supplier to your consumer’s home

From your supplier to your consumer’s home

Maersk’s ships carry 20% of the world’s trading goods to market, 30% of which is bound for the e-commerce sector. With its last-mile delivery solutions, Maersk offers e-commerce retailers end-to-end logistics with the high level of service and quality they expect.

few years ago, retailers relied on multiple logistics partners to get their goods to the market. Today, they can rely on Maersk to carry their merchandise from their suppliers, directly to their customer’s home. The result is a streamlined, efficient e-fulfilment experience that helps e-commerce businesses manage costs while offering online shoppers the speed and service level they expect.

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