Optimise your inventory by controlling the flow of your auto components.

All parties involved in the automotive sector – from suppliers to manufacturers – are interdependent when it comes to achieving the JIT flow and processes. The industry is facing an inherent need to source components from different origins, across different continents, using different modes of transport. But the challenge remains that all components need to culminate in the same place at the same time to be rolled out for manufacturing. This makes the role of the Tier 1 suppliers, and the supply chain planning that goes into it, highly significant to the OEMs. This means that the flow of automotive components needs to be orchestrated in a manner that gives you absolute visibility and control. At Maersk, we focus on inventory optimisation to ensure a smooth and seamless supply chain experience, from end to end.

Every part matters

Better control

From downstream to upstream, all auto components need to move in a synchronised manner, so they reach the final destination just-in-time and just as planned. At Maersk, we ensure that either by helping you speed up or slow down your inventory, from end to end. Doing so will help us make sure that your components will not arrive earlier and take up warehousing space which are not meant for long-term cargo holding nor will they reach late to halt the assembly line and potentially increase your logistics overheads.

But that they will arrive just-in-time, exactly when the assembly lines are ready for them. What makes that possible is our combination of people, processes, technology and network, which come together to help you plan better and significantly decrease your supply chain variability.

Every part matters

Better visibility

You need a panoramic view of your supply chain to take control of it. This helps you take decisive decisions on-the-go to ensure that your components sourced from around the world are delivered to your customers in a timely and seamless manner. That said, to make informed decisions, you need access to key insights of your entire supply chain at your fingertips, just when you need them.

At Maersk, our automotive supply chain solutions are designed to give you just that. Right from when your order is placed, confirmed, booked, received, shipped, until it’s delivered. We believe this will empower our customers to make critical inventory decisions on-the-move by planning ahead, from departure to destination, all the while ensuring that their stock levels are always optimised.

Every part matters

Better speculation

To understand the most optimum flow of your components, it’s vital to ask a series of questions to your supply chain. The answers to which will give you better clarity and show you the way to an optimised supply chain experience. At Maersk, our stringent automotive supply chain processes, networks, and technology are designed to guide you through that critical path by considering factors such as the time needed for transport, resilience levels, potential incidents, transport modes, inventory value of your cargo, etc. We turn these fragmented pieces of data into actionable insights, so that you can make informed inventory decisions on the move. To ensure that all your automotive components reach the destination without any unpleasant surprises.

Every part matters

Better planning

If there’s one thing the automotive supply chain thrives on, then it’s planning in advance. Given that tens of thousands of components need to come together at the same time, there is a continuous critical need for these plans to be executed down to-a-tee. Be it sourcing, transportation, financing, customs clearance, insurance, warehousing, distribution.

As an industry which functions heavily inside hundreds of fragmented silos, it is indeed a challenge to execute a grand plan by factoring in all the functions. Unless one supply chain entity can take care of all those departments for you, helping you cut down on lead times and expediting costs. At Maersk, we’ll help you do exactly that as we’re on a journey to become a global integrator of container logistics.

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