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Helping you to automate and simplify your supply chain data.

Supply chain efficiency through e-connectivity

Supply chain efficiency is a key differentiator in most industries. While speed and accuracy are the main drivers, the ability to automate and exchange vital business data as it happens can dramatically improve supply chain performance.

Speed up and automate your business processes

With Maersk’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions, you will have greater control and visibility of your supply chain events. EDI is a means of communication allowing businesses to connect in a more cost-efficient way while improving transaction accuracy and speed. It standardises and simplifies supplier interactions by integrating a multitude of systems in today’s highly digitised world of business. EDI links our systems to yours, empowering you to take control of your shipments with confidence using your own applications and user interfaces.

This enables a faster and more efficient transfer of information between you and Maersk throughout numerous points of the supply chain. As a result, you can respond to changing demands more effectively, facilitating the acceleration and automation of your business.

  • Fast and accurate
  • Improves productivity
  • Reduces administration costs
EDI solutions - An illustration showcasing supply chain efficiency through e-connectivity.

Manage your B2B data seamlessly

EDI Solutions can help automatically organise and streamline the most time-consuming parts of your workday. By efficiently integrating all the B2B data across your supply chain network and making it accessible in seconds, you benefit from improved connectivity and visibility, all within your own internal systems.

We offer a number of Key EDI messages that provide continuous value when integrated:

Purchase order status pictogram

Purchase Order (PO) - Origin and Destination

Exchange data on goods needed to keep your suppliers informed and to forecast space requirements for shipping.

Shipment notice pictogram

Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN)

Receive detailed information about your shipments after sailing from the first port of loading or share the information directly with us so that our destination warehouses are kept up to date.

Booking request pictogram

Booking request/Customer order and confirmation

Submit bookings and orders directly from your system and receive close to instant confirmation, eliminating phone and e-mail communications and reducing errors.

Shipping instruction

Shipping instruction

Build a fast track to submit transport documents from your system to Maersk to speed up the customs declaration process. Also, save time by avoiding manual data replication from system to system.

Bill of Landing pictogram

Bill of Lading

Simplify the way you receive and share Bills of Lading (Bs/L) with multiple business partners by automating the production and delivery of Bs/L directly to your systems.

Container status pictogram

Container status and ETA changes

Improve supply chain visibility by receiving container events as they happen. If schedules change, instantly receive the new transport plan directly into your system.

Warehouse status pictogram

Warehouse status updates

Update the latest information on your goods with the item master and send us delivery orders with the most recent needs of your customers. Receive inventory status and movements directly to your transport management system by utilising goods receipt notifications, shipment confirmations and inventory updates.

Invoice remittance pictogram

Invoice and remittance advice

Receive invoices and send payment confirmations electronically to efficiently manage your financials with automated interfaces to your accounts receivable, payable and audit systems.

EDI standard options

EDI format standards ensure that your business can communicate with your multiple suppliers and us in a universal language. This enables EDI systems in different states, cities, or countries to exchange information seamlessly and quickly.


United Nations/Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport is an international EDI standard developed under the United Nations. UN/EDIFACT is used globally and is Maersk’s preferred EDI standard. Learn more at Unece.


ANSI X12 is a US national standard developed by the Accredited Standards Committee of the American National Standards Institute. Although available globally, ANSI X12 is used primarily in North America. Learn more at ANSI and X12.


XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is another format agreed upon between business partners.

EDI connection options

AS2 (Applicability Statement 2)

A specification for secure communication between businesses using HTTP over the Internet.
Level of Security: High

SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)

A protocol that creates an encrypted ‘tunnel’ between a client and host, across which data can be securely exchanged.

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