API solutions

Leverage the power of live and seamless data exchanges to make smarter and faster supply chain decisions.

Take control of your data flow

Gain control of your supply chain by getting the visibility you need, when you need it. Application Programming Interface Solutions (API) allow you to build Maersk data into your company applications and SaaS tools, allowing access to B2B data and information in real-time. This integration capability bundled with a seamless registration process and self-testing functionality makes API Solutions a true differentiator in your supply chain strategies. Looking for schedules? Want to book or track your cargo? Need to get your invoice? We can help you take control of your supply chain with total visibility of all your data flows.

Harness the advantage

  • Streamline supply chain processes by sharing and automating real-time data exchange between suppliers, vendors, and logistic service providers.
  • Reduce or eliminate EDI setup and maintenance costs with a family of standard, self-service APIs.
  • Unlock creativity and spur innovation at all levels of your IT division by collaborating with us and using our API solutions.
  • Be assured that all Maersk API solutions are compliant with the data standards set by the Digital Container Shipping Association (DSCA). The DSCA is recognised by several shipping companies and sets the technological foundation for interoperable IT solutions.
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A boon to complicated data-enriched business networks

The business of transporting goods has a lot of data being exchanged in the background every day. Navigating through this ocean of information and seamlessly integrating it to be accessible at a moment’s notice is a game-changer.

Take shipping schedules for example. Deciphering data from vessel networks, port calls, arrival and departure fluctuations, can be a complex challenge not to mention a time-consuming ordeal. Our Scheduling APIs can bring simplicity and real-time visibility directly to you and all parties in your supply chain to enable quicker and more accurate decisions.

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Digital Complexity
Seamless Experience
Get access to a central repository or single go-to-point, that collates all the data you need to create your own service application.
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Real-time data
Ensure your applications have access to the latest data as it happens to help your clients make faster and better logistics decisions.
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Easy maintenance
Keep your solution up to date effortlessly with automatic maintenance runs scheduled when needed. Also, get 24X7 support and troubleshooting services.
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Save cost and time
Automate manual tasks to generate a smooth, effortless transition between linked applications that can help streamline processes and save costs, time and effort.

We continuously add and update new products and features to our API Solutions. Visit our API catalogue on the Maersk Developer Portal to see how we can help you connect and simplify your supply chain.

Ready to create amazing products in just 5 easy steps?

Integrating with our API solutions is easy and efficient through our self-service portal, allowing you to implement data directly into your business systems and make more informed decisions.

Get started on turning your business data into a powerful tool to improve supply chain efficiency and agility. In just 5 easy steps

  1. Register and create an account on Maersk Developer Portal
  2. Create your app
  3. Get your consumer keys
  4. Try our APIs
  5. Start building your own application

Interested in API solutions?

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To learn more about how API solutions can integrate data seamlessly within your supply chain, visit the Maersk Developer Portal.