Truckload transportation

Road freight transport options to meet your supply chain needs.

Transforming your inland journey with truckload transportation

Getting your cargo to its destination can become a complicated process with the constant fluctuations in supply chain processes. We understand that the daily challenges that you face need flexible solutions that let you make choices that meet all your requirements.

Containarised inland solutions, no matter how reliable, cannot meet all your supply chain needs. That is why, we are offering our truckload transportation that directly takes your goods from the origin to the destination, giving you an efficient end-to-end cargo journey.

Our truckload transport can offer you a lot more:

  • Connecting different Maersk services via One Product
  • Giving you visibility from start to end
  • More flexibility to design solutions for your business
  • Better quality control thanks to fixed partnerships and our own equipment
Truckload transportation

Let your cargo’s needs make the choice

The shipment solution that you require varies with the specifications of your cargo. The size of your shipment, the fragility of your cargo, required speed to market, or budget can affect this decision. We’re offering Full Truckload (FTL) and Less than Truckload (LTL) shipments.

No-stop shipments with FTL

In Full Truckload, get a dedicated service where the whole truck is yours to use.

Ideal for large shipments

Have the perfect space in trucks for your specific freight only.

Speed to market

There are no stops or transfers from one truck to another, leading to faster cargo delivery.


Cargo does not switch hands, so there is less likelihood of damage or contamination by other goods, and less chance of your items getting lost.

Truckload transport

Pay for the space you use with LTL

In Less than Truckload, you can use a part of the truck to move your cargo. We’ll consolidate your items with other goods from other customers.


You can send a variety of different items, varying in size, weight, and value, to locations across the country.


If your cargo is of a smaller volume, this option is the cheapest and easiest to use.


LTL gives you the freedom to send whatever, wherever, whenever.

That’s not all. We also offer Groupage shipments exclusively for B2B loads that are smaller than one palette, or lighter than 2000 kg.

Truckload transport

You can gain a lot more from FTL and LTL

Our truckload transport offering can also give you some added benefits.

  • Custom-fit: We have a variety of equipment from which you can pick the right solution based on your needs
  • Short-notice: Truckload transport has a relatively shorter time of pre-booking compared to ocean or other inland solutions
  • Speed: Conventional trucking is the fastest mode of inland transport
  • Reach: The road infrastructure is more widespread than rail and barge, allowing you to reach more geographical points
  • Door-to-door: This transport ensures reliable delivery of your cargo, from start to end

Trailers that meet your needs

  • Curtain Trailers: Trailer is covered by a plastic curtain that is reinforced by wooden or aluminum side boards on the inside. This makes it easier to load/unload as well as reduces the cost.
  • Box Trailers: Trailer is completely closed with a hard metal structure. You can get improved security and higher physical resistance.
  • Refrigerated Trailers: Trailer is thermo-insulated, with the ability to regulate and maintain a constant internal temperature. This trailer is perfect for moving your refrigerated goods in perfect condition.

Commodities we can move

  • Dry goods
  • Loose goods
  • Machinery
  • Refrigerated goods
  • High-value goods
  • Dangerous goods

Specific dangerous goods like fireworks and similar items cannot be moved. Bulk goods and liquor need to be checked before we can move them.

Try our truckload transportation solution and reach all your markets on time in North, South, Central & West Europe, Balkans, East Europe, including non-EU countries like Russia, and UK Islands.

Truckload transportation cargo

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