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Creating value for the chemical industry through logistics solutions.

Industry overview

Even in the current era of geopolitical, environmental and regulatory unrest, the Chemical industry market is ripe for growth.

Today, chemical manufacturers striving to secure a larger share in the marketplace have made it an extremely competitive battleground. And several industry trends – protectionist trade policies, tariff wars and industry consolidation – are further ensuring that businesses must adopt new ways to stand out.

As these trends keep permeating the Chemical industry, many companies are remodeling their supply chain to drive growth and profitability. They have also made safety an area of intense focus and have high expectations to their supply chain partners, playing a crucial role in their business. They want visibility, control, assurance and great value, all at a competitive price.

Remodeling your business in accordance with the current business environment is of the utmost importance for the company to grow steadily and sustainably. You must be able to change, adapt and integrate into the market’s new way of thinking.

We understand that these are the strong trends influencing your industry:


Challenging markets

  • Immense cost pressure and commoditisation as cost control is crucial to ensure competitiveness
  • Service becomes the differentiator to success
  • Intensified competition
  • Frequently changing market dynamics
  • Increased supply chain complexity
Simple claim process

Asset centric

  • Manufacturing dictates supply chain activities
  • Supply chain consistency and reliability is key
Dedicated expertise

Customer demands on the rise

  • Greater spread in customer needs
  • Rising need for agility, lead time improvements and more flexible solutions
  • Products for a circular economy requested more and more

Adding value to our customers

With Maersk as your partner, take advantage of our deep understanding of the chemical industry to build a more efficient supply chain.

We focus on offering agile solutions characterised by safety and digital innovation, led by a global team of highly talented logistics professionals.

Chemicals supply chain management

Syngenta is happy to announce the extension of our partnership with Maersk to provide best-in-class 4PL. The partnership will support Syngenta’s recent commitment to reduce carbon emissions from our supply chain by 50% by 2030 and help optimise supply operations. This will guarantee the best delivery service to Syngenta’s Customers and Growers around the world

Marion Matthewman
Global Head of Logistics at Syngenta (press release 2019)

Maersk is our valued partner and our engagement on the shipping side has grown with them over years. Their rail combined solution has helped us with timely equipment availability at our Jamnagar Plant and at the same time has helped us contribute to the environment through Carbon Savings. We expect similar end-to-end solutions from Maersk going forward which are sustainable and give us cost advantage

Charmaine Remedios
Head of Ocean Exports at Reliance

An eco-system of trust and collaboration

Building a culture of trust and collaboration with your customer requires you to go the extra miles to explore possibilities beyond just delivering promises. For Syngenta, committed to reduce their carbon footprint while helping their customers produce food in the most sustainable way, we realised the need to become an integral part of their mission. We work as a part of their eco-system to enable Syngenta's vision of the future.

Here's a flavour of how Maersk and Syngenta are embracing shared values to shape a sustainable future.

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