As Latin American consumers become more environmentally conscious, demand for sustainable and green products has increased. At the same time, international and national environmental regulations are tightening, requiring shippers to not only address consumer demand but also these recent regulations. In response, businesses are rethinking their logistics strategies and embracing sustainability as a core principle to remain competitive in this rapidly evolving market.

As businesses reevaluate their logistics and supply chain practices from an environmental perspective, they are choosing to work with logistics providers that offer more sustainable solutions. Through a full supply chain analysis, opportunities can be identified where emission reductions can be achieved to reduce supply chain carbon footprints.

Here is an array of ways that shippers today are reducing the environmental impact of their supply chain logistics:

Emission dashboard

Carbon emissions measurement

Determining the environmental impact of an end-to-end supply chain is the first step in knowing where to focus your environmental initiatives. At Maersk, we simplify this task with our Emissions Dashboard, which provides comprehensive reporting and advanced visibility to all your emissions data across all carriers and transport modes.

Route optimisation

A powerful tool that provides vehicle routings that minimise distance, time, and fuel consumption to reduce carbon emissions. Other ways to achieve environmental benefits include, consolidating shipment deliveries and optimising cargo loads. This not only reduces transportation expenses but also the carbon footprint associated with shipments. Moreover, a reduction in vehicle trips with maximised cargo loads also decreases fuel consumption and emissions per unit of goods transported.

Renewable energy integrated logistics technology infrastructure

Renewable energy sources

Renewable energy sources can lower fossil fuel usage to support carbon footprint reductions. Solar panels at warehouses and distribution centres, and electric vehicles for inland transportation and at ports and terminals are two ways renewable energies can benefit from sustainability efforts.

Integrated logistics technology infrastructure

This helps foster greater efficiency and visibility as a result of digitally connecting the various stakeholders in the supply chain, from producers to the last mile. It streamlines operations and helps optimise the flow of cargo, as well as offers critical data which informs environmental decision-making.

Methanol vessel

Reduce ocean shipping’s carbon footprint

At Maersk, we are leading the way in sustainability by striving for net zero emissions across all of Maersk’s integrated logistics businesses by 2040. The goal is to deliver a 100% sustainable solution to our valued customers. Our ECO Delivery product, which replaces fossil fuels with green, sustainable fuels, supports our net zero goal. At source, ECO Delivery reduces carbon emissions with the purchase of biofuels for our ocean transportation network. In addition, shippers can verify their sustainability efforts with a CO2 certificate from Maersk ECO Delivery, which states how many tons of CO2 emissions have been saved in a one-year period.

To maintain transparency, traceability and build trust with Latin American consumers, global shippers are increasingly reporting their sustainable practices and environmental strategies openly with customers. This straightforward reporting enhances a company's reputation and aligns with today’s eco-conscious consumer values.

Transparency and communication about integrated sustainability initiatives strengthen consumer trust and pave the way for a more environmentally responsible business landscape. Businesses can stay ahead of the curve, attract loyal customers, and positively impact the planet for generations to come.

Maersk’s ongoing efforts in developing integrated, environmentally friendly, end-to-end logistics solutions is an essential way to create a greener, planet-friendly supply chain.

Hear from our experts

Alexis Rodriguez, Regional Head of Energy Transition Execution for Latin America, Maersk

Alexis Rodriguez 

Regional Head of Energy Transition Execution for Latin America

Alexis has over 20 years of experience focused on sustainability within the shipping and infrastructure industry. He has worked extensively with international organisations, public entities and the private sector in the area of energy efficiency, decarbonisation, and environmental regulatory frameworks. As Regional Head of Energy Transition Execution for Maersk, Alexis is in charge of delivering regionally on Maersk’s global ambition to support customers’ emissions targets and deliver on Maersk’s net zero commitment by 2040.

Monica Martinez, Media Relations Manager for Latin America, Maersk

Monica Martinez

Media Relations Manager for Latin America

Monica has more than 15 years of experience in corporate communications and international relations, working in areas of maritime transportation, corporate environmental sustainability, and international development within international organisations and the shipping industry. Monica manages media relations for Latin America and the Caribbean to strengthen Maersk's positioning as a logistic integrator delivering end-to-end sustainable solutions among key regional audiences.

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