Latin America is well-known for its thriving cold chain export business that encompasses a wide range of products, including meats, fruits and vegetables, flowers, frozen dairy and seafood/fish, and even pharmaceuticals. Ensuring the quality and integrity of these perishable goods throughout their journey, however, poses significant challenges. Maintaining an unbroken cold chain from the point of origin to the ultimate destination is the need of the hour.

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Transporting perishable goods over long distances demands speed, predictability, precise temperature control and timely delivery. As a Latin American exporter, you face numerous hurdles in this process including multiple cold chain handoffs, inadequate infrastructure, ineffective temperature monitoring and inconsistent visibility of cargo conditions. These challenges must be addressed to eliminate the decline in product quality and the resultant financial losses.

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To overcome these obstacles and ensure the reliability and resiliency of your Latin American cold chain, it’s essential to leverage integrated logistics services tailored to the unique demands of your cold chain cargo. This includes ensuring cold storage facilities near your location, reducing the number of cold chain handoffs and building flexibility into your cold chain logistics network. You can maintain an end-to-end cold chain by choosing an integrated logistics partner. You can also optimise the market value of your perishable goods by leveraging technology that provides total visibility.

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Real-time visibility and monitoring of refrigerated cargo using digital platforms is an important advancement for the reefer category. Our Remote Container Management (RCM) system is installed on all our reefer containers along with Captain Peter – RCM’s virtual assistant. Captain Peter provides for continuous monitoring and real-time sharing of conditions inside reefer containers. RCM and Captain Peter are critical to optimal cold chain performance. Temperature monitoring data offers you an unprecedented view of the quality of your cargo and actionable insights, allowing you to make data-driven decisions that help enhance your customers’ satisfaction.

Your customers’ expectations and the demands of global trade are steadily increasing. You need to embrace the significant value provided by digital solutions and collaborative long-term logistics planning that strengthens cold chain performance. Through improved visibility and data-driven decision-making, you can establish yourself as a trusted provider of high-quality cold chain products. Reliable temperature-controlled logistics solutions are adding to the export growth in Latin America.

Hear from our experts in Latin America

In this fourth episode of Grow with Integrated Logistics interview series, two of our reefer experts share insights into building a resilient cold chain.

Michael McBride – Head of Cold Chain Excellence, Latin America

Michael McBride

Head of Cold Chain Excellence, Latin America

Michael has been working with Maersk for 25 years in various capacities across the United States and Copenhagen. As the head of the Cold Chain Excellence team for Latin America, he continues to guide our customers through reefer commercial, operational and technical best practices. As a part of the Global Cold Chain Vertical works, Michael is actively involved in developing cutting-edge reefer solutions.

Maria Cristina Andrade – Cold Chain Logistics Manager for Central America and the Caribbean

Maria Cristina Andrade

Cold Chain Logistics Manager for Central America and the Caribbean

Maria Cristina has more than 15 years of experience in logistics. Her journey has seen her gain expertise across verticals, including commercial, trade, logistics and product. Maria has been a part of the Sales and Product teams such as the Ocean, Landside and Cold Chain projects for the last 10 years. She joined the Caribbean team in 2020 and was recently appointed Regional Leader and CAC Cold Chain Product Manager.

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