We are including our Captain Peter application with its new name, which we started to offer in 2017 as RCM (Remote Container Management), in all your reefer shipments.

During the shipping of your cargo

You can download the datalog details of the relevant container and keep it for 1 year, as well as having instant information about temperature - humidity - ventilation and probes.

Additionally, you can take advantage of our 24/7 Reefer live support line.

As of February 1, 2021, our Captian Peter Premium application will start in all our reefer export shipments and an additional 10USD / Reefer Captain Peter Premium fee will be reflected on all your invoices.

You can start using the following features with our Captian Peter Premium application

  • Temperature, Humidity, Ventilation, etc.
  • Container’s graphics during the shipping
  • Unlimited user
  • Sharing the container link with the consignee or different parties and tracking 24/7 via Captain Peter Link
  • Automatic notification of changes according to the parameters you specify
  • Live chat support with the 24/7 live support team
  • Download in official datalog PDF format
  • You will have above services.

    For more details and explanations, you can contact your customer representative or visit the link here.

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