Shipping to Sweden

Customs House Brokerage

Core product

Import Customs Clearance Transit Documents
Standard Full Customs Declaration, paying Duty & VAT upon arrival in the country in scope to gain release of the cargo for onward delivery. A transit document allows the free movement of containers through European territories, suspending the payment of Duty and VAT until the destination.
  • Final import customs clearance
  • Simplified customs clearance
  • Customs & sanitary inspections
  • T1

Additional Custom House Brokerage services

  • Customs Quick Health Scan – A high level risk & control assessment of the customers business highlighting potential gaps and providing support and solutions where required.
  • Peak Volume Management Programme – Assistance with daily CHB Activities when the customer needs it most.
  • Origin and Free Trade Agreements – Awareness & Guidance on FTA’s & Preferential Origins
  • Classification Management – An overview of current Classification Databases or a Full End to End Reclassification Programme from our trained specialists.

What is required to complete Customs House Brokerage?

Signed Power of Attorney (POA)

Signed by the buyer & on Company Letter Headed paper. This grant’s permission to complete CHB on behalf of the buyer and provides the required details to enable internal account creation.

Mandatory documents required:

  • Signed POA
  • Commercial invoice(s)
  • Packing list(s)
  • Classification Number / HS code

EORI Number

The buyer must have a valid EORI and VAT number to hold a solid audit trail with customs authority and tax office & to be eligible to claim back any potential VAT paid.

Additional documents (where applicable)

  • Copy of the Bill of Lading
  • Licences
  • Health Certificates
  • Preference Certificates

* Originals to be submitted  where necessary


Q: What is the Pricing / Cost of these services?
A: The Cost of these services can be found under out local charges tariff page

Q: What can hold up my Customs Clearance?
A: A variety of reasons can hold up a clearance, to name a few but not limited to, would be awaiting mandatory documents, awaiting payment, Customs Holds, Port Authority Holds and Vessel delays.

Q: What is an EORI Number and how do I get one?
A: An EORI (Economic Operators Registration & Identification System) Number is a unique reference number issued by Customs to Trader and is required to import or export goods. This is a one-time application. You can apply for an EORI number here:

Q: What is a classification number HS Code?
A: A classification number is a unique 10-digit code that relates to a specific product and determines the amount of Duty payable. The Trade Tariff link can provide help and useful tips to enable the customer to classify their products.!/taric/nomenclature/sbn?sd=2019-03-11&d=I&cc=&l=sv&ql=sv&ea=false

Q: Why do I need to provide a classification number HS Code?
A: It is the importers/Exporters legal responsibility to ensure the classification of their products are correct. However, if they are unsure please advise to contact one of our CHB experts, who can assist in an advisory capacity only. 

Q: How will I know when my shipment has cleared customs?
A: Our team will email the customer with clearance paperwork as soon as the shipment has been released from customs and is free to leave the port.

Q: Who can I contact regarding my Customs Clearance?
A: Please contact

Q: Who will invoice me for my Customs Clearance?
A: Depending on shipment terms, either ML or Damco will raise an invoice for all Customs and Port entry related costs.

Q: I have a query regarding my Customs Clearance Invoice, who can I contact?
A: Please send your customs related queries to  

Abbreviations & Explanations

CHB = Customs House Brokerage
VAT = Value Added Tax
EORI = Economic Operators’ Registration and Identification
HTS = Harmonized Tariff Schedule
AEO = Authorized Economic Operator
POA = Power of Attorney
T1 = Transit Document which allows the movement of non-EU commodity between two customs offices (EU)
T2L = Document which proofs the EU status

Demurrage and Detention

  • Demurrage = container rental inside the terminal + terminal storage.
  • Detention = container rental outside the terminal.
  • Calculations are based on calendar days, and the amount is per day.
  • Non-operating reefers (NORs) are charged as DRY containers.


Demurrage starts the same day as container is discharged, or the next day if container is discharged after 16.00hrs. It ends the same day as the container is gated out (full).

Detention starts the same day as the container is gated out (full). It ends the same day as container is gated in (empty).

denmark import d and d 

The following tariffs are valid as of 1st of June 2019.


DEMURRAGE 20' 40'/45' DETENTION 20' 40'/45'
1-5 0 0 1-5 0 0
6-10 300 600 6-10 300 600
11+ 500 1000 11+ 500 1000
1-4 0 0 1-4 0 0
5-8 800 1200 5-8 800 1200
9+ 1200 1800 9+ 1200 1800

For Gothenburg only

DANGEROUS CARGO (IMO) - All container types
DEMURRAGE 20' 40'/45' DETENTION 20' 40'/45'
1-5 266 266 1-5 0 0
6-10 566 866 6-10 300 600
11+ 766 1266 11+ 500 1000



Malmoe (SEMMA) - Port of Malmoe is known as Helsingborg (SEAGH). Please use Helsingborg for CY bookings to Malmoe. There are SD products for both Malmoe and Helsingborg. 

"Stockholm (SESTO) - Port of Stockholm is known as Soedertaelje (SESOE). Please use Soedertaelje for container yard (CY) bookings to Stockholm. There are store door (SD) products for both Stockholm and Soedertaelje."


B/L clausing, documentation: 

No specific restrictions apply.


Arrival Notice 

Arrival Notice is only uploaded on this website and it is every customer’s responsibility to know when the cargo is expected to arrive.  As a registered user on our website customer will e.g. be able to add an reminder, an alert, which will in turn send an e-mail every time customer have cargo arriving. Please apply for a certificate by clicking "Register" in the top right corner." 

As per global procedures within Maersk, Maersk Sverige AB does not accept private individuals as consignees on shipments. Private individuals are kindly asked to contact a forwarder for handling of their goods.

United States embargo on sale, transfer and/or transport of military equipment.

United States sanctions prohibiting exportation to, or importation from, the Republic of Yugoslavia have been modified as follows:

A general license allowing trade sanctions destined for end use in the Republic of Montenegro has been issued.

Exportation, re-exportation and other incidental transactions involving the United States or Yugoslavia are generally authorized so long as certain terms and conditions are met through licensing by the Bureau of Export Administration and so long as certain financial requirements are followed.



Sweden does not allow cigarettes on rail combined (RCO) products cigarette shipments to inland destinations in Sweden must have haulage as truck only.

Weight / Measurement: 

For general information on weight / measurement restrictions please contact your local Maersk office.

Mode Limits
By Rail: Max container weight (cargo plus container) 30 ton
By Truck: Max container weight (cargo plus container) 30 ton

Special Cargoes:

Out of Gauge, Break Bulk and Dangerous cargo subject to standard Maersk approval procedures.

IG Number

Please find the IG number for vessels arriving to Port of Gothenburg. The IG Number will be published as soon as received from the port (normally 4-5 days prior arrival of vessel)

For vessels arriving in Port of Helsingborg (Västhamnen) during 2017, Master Name BHO-17 is used for all vessels.

For vessels arriving in Port of Halmstad during 2017, Master Name BJD-7 is used for all vessels. 

Please note that it is your responsibility to make the container customs cleared in port system at time of gate-out of container from the port


Week ETA Service Vessel Name Vessel Voyage Master Name Port
Week 29 15-Jul-19 431/E1 MANCHESTER MAERSK Y30 / 922W DGZ-9-0286 GOTHENBURG
Week 29 17-Jul-19 L19/L8 ELKE I6Z / 928E DGZ-9-0287 GOTHENBURG
Week 29 17-Jul-19 Z63/I1 MITO STRAIT K5D / 1944 GOTHENBURG
Week 29 15-Jul-19 L40/L8 PETKUM C04 / 928E BJS19-342 HELSINGBORG
Week 29 16-Jul-19 L40/L8 PETKUM C04 / 928E HALMSTAD
Week 29 19-Jul-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y / 928E BNG190116 NORRKOEPING
Week 29 13-Jul-19 L35/L8 ADELINA D W56 / 927E BJV19-116 GAEVLE
Week 29 20-Jul-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y / 928E GAEVLE
Week ETA Service Vessel Name Vessel Voyage Master Name Port
Week 28 08-Jul-19 431/E1 MILAN MAERSK Y27 / 921W DGZ-9-0276 GOTHENBURG
Week 28 10-Jul-19 L19/L8 ELKE I6Z / 927E DGZ-9-0277 GOTHENBURG
Week 28 10-Jul-19 Z63/I1 MITO STRAIT K5D / 1942 DGZ-9-0281 GOTHENBURG
Week 28 08-Jul-19 L40/L8 PETKUM C04 / 927E BJS19-324 HELSINGBORG
Week 28 09-Jul-19 L40/L8 PETKUM C04 / 927E BJD-9-0125 HALMSTAD
Week 28 12-Jul-19 L35/L8 ADELINA D W56 / 927E BNG190112 NORRKOEPING
Week 28 06-Jul-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y/926E BJV19-112 GAEVLE
Week ETA Service Vessel Name Vessel Voyage Master Name Port
Week 27 01-Jul-19 431/E1 MONACO MAERSK Y28/920W DGZ-9-0265 GOTHENBURG
Week 27 03-Jul-19 L19/L8 ELKE I6Z/926E DGZ-9-0266 GOTHENBURG
Week 27 03-Jul-19 Z63/I1 MITO STRA K5D/1940 DGZ-19-0273 GOTHENBURG
Week 27 01-Jul-19 L40/L8 PETKUM C04/926E BJS19-306 HELSINGBORG
Week 27 02-Jul-19 L40/L8 PETKUM C04/926E BJD-19-0120 HALMSTAD
Week 27 05-Jul-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y/926E BNG190108 NORRKOEPING
Week 27 29-Jun-19 L35/L8 ADELINA D W56/925E BJV19-109 GAEVLE
Week 27 06-Jul-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y/926E BJV 19-112 GAEVLE
Week ETA Service Vessel Name Vessel Voyage Master Name Port
Week 26 24-Jun-19 431/E1 MUNICH MAERSK Y25 /919W DGZ-9-0255 GOTHENBURG
Week 26 25-Jun-19 Z63/I1 MITO STRAIT K5D /1938 DGZ-9-0261 GOTHENBURG
Week 26 26-Jun-19 L19/L8 ELKE I6Z/925E DGZ-9-0256 GOTHENBURG
Week 26 24-Jun-19 L40/L8 PETKUM C04 /925E BJS19-288 HELSINGBORG
Week 26 25-Jun-19 L40/L8 PETKUM C04 /925E BJD-19-0116 HALMSTAD
Week 26 28-Jun-19 L35/L8 ADELINA D W56 /925E BNG190104 NORRKOEPING
Week 26 22-Jun-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y /924E BJV19-106 GAEVLE
Week ETA Service Vessel Name Vessel Voyage Master Name Port
Week 25 17-Jun-19 431/E1 MARSEILLE MAERSK Y29 /918W DGZ-9-0245 GOTHENBURG
Week 25 18-Jun-19 Z63/I1 MITO STRAIT K5D /1936 DGZ-9-0252 GOTHENBURG
Week 25 19-Jun-19 L19/L8 ELKE I6Z / 924E DGZ-9-0246 GOTHENBURG
Week 25 17-Jun-19 L40/L8 PETKUM C04 /924E BJS19-272 HELSINGBORG
Week 25 18-Jun-19 L40/L8 PETKUM C04 /924E BJD-19-0111 HALMSTAD
Week 25 21-Jun-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y /924E BNG 19-0100 NORRKOEPING
Week 25 15-Jun-19 L35/L8 ADELINA D W56 /923E BJV19-103 GAEVLE
Week ETA Service Vessel Name Vessel Voyage Master Name Port
Week 24 09-Jun-19 431/E1 ADELINA D W56 / 923E DGZ-9-0241 GOTHENBURG
Week 24 10-Jun-19 Z63/I1 MURCIA MAERSK Y31 / 917W DGZ-9-0235 GOTHENBURG
Week 24 13-Jun-19 Z63/I1 MITO STRAIT K5D / 1934 K5D / 1934 GOTHENBURG
Week 24 13-Jun-19 L19/L8 ELKE I6Z / 923E DGZ-9-0236 GOTHENBURG
Week 24 10-Jun-19 L40/L8 PETKUM C04 / 923E BJS19-256 HELSINGBORG
Week 24 11-Jun-19 L40/L8 PETKUM C04 / 923E BJD-19-0105 HALMSTAD
Week 24 14-Jun-19 L35/L8 ADELINA D W56 / 923E BNG190097 NORRKOEPING
Week 24 09-Jun-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y / 922E BJV -19-100 GAEVLE
Week ETA Service Vessel Name Vessel Voyage Master Name Port
Week 23 03-Jun-19 431/E1 MOSCOW MAERSK Y26 / 916W DGZ-9-0225 GOTHENBURG
Week 23 04-Jun-19 Z63/I1 MITO STRAIT K5D / 1932 DGZ-9-0230 GOTHENBURG
Week 23 05-Jun-19 L19/L8 ELKE I6Z / 922E DGZ-9-0226 GOTHENBURG
Week 23 03-Jun-19 L40/L8 HOOGE L1Y / 922E BJS19-240 HELSINGBORG
Week 23 04-Jun-19 L40/L8 HOOGE L1Y / 922E BJD-9-0101 HALMSTAD
Week 23 07-Jun-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y / 922E BNG 19-0093 NORRKOEPING
Week 23 01-Jun-19 L35/L8 ADELINA D W56/921E GAEVLE
Week 23 08-Jun-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y / 922E GAEVLE
Week ETA Service Vessel Name Vessel Voyage Master Name Port
Week 22 27-May-19 431/E1 MUMBAI MAERSK Y33/915W DGZ-9-0214 GOTHENBURG
Week 22 28-May-19 Z63/I1 MITO STRAIT K5D/1930 DGZ-9-0222 GOTHENBURG
Week 22 29-May-19 L19/L8 ELKE I6Z/921E DGZ-9-0215 GOTHENBURG
Week 22 27-May-19 L40/L8 HOOGE L1Y/921E BJS19-223 HELSINGBORG
Week 22 28-May-19 L40/L8 HOOGE L1Y/921E BJD-19-0093 HALMSTAD
Week 22 27-May-19 WV2/I1 HANNI 3AG/1938 BNG190086 NORRKOEPING
Week 22 31-May-19 L35/L8 ADELINA D W56/921E BNG190089 NORRKOEPING
Week 22 24-May-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y/920E BNG190085 NORRKOEPING
Week 22 25-May-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y/920E BJV-19-092 GAEVLE
Week ETA Service Vessel Name Vessel Voyage Master Name Port
Week 21 20-May-19 431/E1 MARCHEN MAERSK 1YM / 914W DGZ-9-0204 GOTHENBURG
Week 21 22-May-19 L19/L8 ELKE I6Z / 920X DGZ-9-0205 GOTHENBURG
Week 21 22-May-19 Z63/I1 MITO STRAIT K5D / 1928 DGZ-9-0211 GOTHENBURG
Week 21 20-May-19 L40/L8 HOOGE L1Y / 920E BJS19-206 HELSINGBORG
Week 21 21-May-19 L40/L8 HOOGE L1Y / 920E BJD-19-0089 HALMSTAD
Week 21 20-May-19 L35/L8 ADELINA D W56 / 919E BNG190082 NORRKOEPING
Week 21 18-May-19 L35/L8 ADELINA D W56 / 919E BJV-19090 GAEVLE
Week 21 25-May-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y / 920E BJV-19-092 GAEVLE
Week ETA Service Vessel Name Vessel Voyage Master Name Port
Week 20 12-May-19 431/E1 MANILA MAERSK Y32 /913W DGZ-9-0194 GOTHENBURG
Week 20 15-May-19 Z63/I1 BJORG 9D7 / 1937 DGZ-9-0199 GOTHENBURG
Week 20 15-May-19 L19/L8 ELKE I6Z /919W DGZ-9-0202 GOTHENBURG
Week 20 15-May-19 Z63/I1 MITO STRAIT K5D /1926 OMIT GOTHENBURG
Week 20 13-May-19 L40/L8 HOOGE L1Y/ 919E BJS19-189 HELSINGBORG
Week 20 14-May-19 L40/L8 HOOGE L1Y/ 919E BJD19-0083 HALMSTAD
Week 20 20-May-19 L35/L8 ADELINA D W56 /919E BNG190082 NORRKOEPING
Week 20 11-May-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y / 918E BJV-19087 GAEVLE
Week ETA Service Vessel Name Vessel Voyage Master Name Port
Week 19 07-May-19 431/E1 MSC ANNA E4E / 912W DGZ-9-0185 GOTHENBURG
Week 19 07-May-19 Z63/I1 MITO STRAIT K5D / 1924 DGZ-9-0192 GOTHENBURG
Week 19 08-May-19 L19/L8 ELKE I6Z / 1910 DGZ-9-0186 GOTHENBURG
Week 19 06-May-19 L40/L8 HOOGE L1Y / 918E BJS19-174 HELSINGBORG
Week 19 07-May-19 L40/L8 HOOGE L1Y / 918E BJD-19-0075 HALMSTAD
Week 19 10-May-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y / 918E BNG190079 NORRKOEPING
Week 19 04-May-19 L35/L8 ADELINA D W56 / 917E BJV-19082 GAEVLE
Week ETA Service Vessel Name Vessel Voyage Master Name Port
Week 18 30-Apr-19 431/E1 MSC MIRJA C5N / 912W DGZ-9-0172 GOTHENBURG
Week 18 02-May-19 Z63/I1 KATHARINA SCHEPERS 0YF / 1935 DGZ-9-0181 GOTHENBURG
Week 18 03-May-19 Z63/I1 UNIFEE 0ZF / 1907 No Data GOTHENBURG
Week 18 30-Apr-19 Z63/I1 MITO STRAIT K5D / 1922 No Data GOTHENBURG
Week 18 02-May-19 L19/L8 ELKE I6Z / 918W DGZ-9-0173 GOTHENBURG
Week 18 29-Apr-19 L40/L8 HOOGE L1Y/ 917E BJS19-159 HELSINGBORG
Week 18 30-Apr-19 L40/L8 HOOGE L1Y/ 917E BJD190069 HALMSTAD
Week 18 03-May-19 L35/L8 ADELINA D W56/ 917E BNG190075 NORRKOEPING
Week 18 27-Apr-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y / 916E BJV 19-073 GAEVLE
Week ETA Service Vessel Name Vessel Voyage Master Name Port
Week 17 22-Apr-19 L99/L8 MAERSK FLENSBURG 61I / 1901 DGZ-9-0165 GOTHENBURG
Week 17 L19/L8 ELKE I6Z / 917W GOTHENBURG
Week 17 23-Apr-19 N99/FX MAERSK NOTTINGHAM 5VF / 917W DGZ-9-0166 GOTHENBURG
Week 17 23-Apr-19 L19/L8 ELKE I6Z / 917W DGZ-9-0167 GOTHENBURG
Week 17 24-Apr-19 431/E1 MSC ERICA E3Y /911W DGZ-9-0163 GOTHENBURG
Week 17 24-Apr-19 Z63/I1 MITO STRAIT K5D / 1920 DGZ-9-0174 GOTHENBURG
Week 17 22-Apr-19 L40/L8 HOOGE L1Y / 916E BJS19-143 HELSINGBORG
Week 17 22-Apr-19 L40/L8 HOOGE L1Y / 916E BJD-9-0063 HALMSTAD
Week 17 26-Apr-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y / 916E BNG 19-0070 NORRKOEPING
Week 17 20-Apr-19 L35/L8 ADELINA D W56 / 915E BJV 19-070 GAEVLE
Week ETA Service Vessel Name Vessel Voyage Master Name Port
Week 16 16-Apr-19 431/E1 MANCHESTER MAERSK Y30/ 910W DGZ-9-0153 GOTHENBURG
Week 16 Z63/I1 MITO STRAIT K5D / 1918 DGZ-9-0159 GOTHENBURG
Week 16 18-Apr-19 L19/L8 ELKE I6Z / 916W DGZ-9-0154 GOTHENBURG
Week 16 15-Apr-19 L40/L8 HOOGE L1Y / 915E BJS19-128 HELSINGBORG
Week 16 16-Apr-19 L40/L8 HOOGE L1Y / 915E BJD 9-0060 HALMSTAD
Week 16 19-Apr-19 L35/L8 ADELINA D W56 / 915E BNG 19-0068 NORRKOEPING
Week 16 13-Apr-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y / 914E BJV19-067 GAEVLE
Week ETA Service Vessel Name Vessel Voyage Master Name Port
Week 15 09-Apr-19 431/E1 MILAN MAERSK Y27 / 909W DGZ-9-0144 GOTHENBURG
Week 15 11-Apr-19 L19/L8 ELKE I6Z / 915W DGZ-9-0145 GOTHENBURG
Week 15 11-Apr-19 Z63/I1 MITO STRAIT K5D / 1916 DGZ-9-0151 GOTHENBURG
Week 15 08-Apr-19 L40/L8 HOOGE L1Y / 914E BJS190112 HELSINGBORG
Week 15 09-Apr-19 L40/L8 HOOGE L1Y / 914E BJD 9-0057 HALMSTAD
Week 15 12-Apr-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y / 914E BNG190062 NORRKOEPING
Week 15 06-Apr-19 L35/L8 ADELINA D W56 / 913E BJV 19-062 GAEVLE
Week 15 13-Apr-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y / 914E GAEVLE
Week ETA Service Vessel Name Vessel Voyage Master Name Port
Week 14 31-Mar-19 L35/L8 ADELINA D W56 / 912W DGZ-9-0133 GOTHENBURG
Week 14 01-Apr-19 L99/L8 WES JANINE C86 /1901 DGZ-9-0139 GOTHENBURG
Week 14 02-Apr-19 431/E1 MONACO MAERSK Y28 / 908W DGZ-9-0134 GOTHENBURG
Week 14 Omit L19/L8 ELKE I6Z / 913W GOTHENBURG
Week 14 04-Apr-19 Z63/I1 MITO STRAIT K5D / 1914 DGZ-9-0140 GOTHENBURG
Week 14 05-Apr-19 L19/L8 ELKE I6Z / 914W DGZ-9-0135 GOTHENBURG
Week 14 01-Apr-19 L40/L8 HOOGE L1Y / 913E BJS19-098 HELSINGBORG
Week 14 02-Apr-19 L40/L8 HOOGE L1Y / 913E BJD 9-0053 HALMSTAD
Week 14 01-Apr-19 WV2/I1 RAGNA 5AA / 1915 BNG190055 NORRKOEPING
Week 14 05-Apr-19 L35/L8 ADELINA D W56 / 913E BNG190058 NORRKOEPING
Week 14 30-Mar-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y / 912E BJV 19-059 GAEVLE
Week ETA Service Vessel Name Vessel Voyage Master Name Port
Week 13 23-Mar-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y/911W DGZ-9-0113 GOTHENBURG
Week 13 26-Mar-19 431/E1 MUNICH MAERSK Y25/907W DGZ-9-0122 GOTHENBURG
Week 13 26-Mar-19 L19/L8 ELKE I6Z/912W DGZ-9-0123 GOTHENBURG
Week 13 26-Mar-19 Z63/I1 MITO STRAIT K5D/1912 DGZ-9-0129 GOTHENBURG
Week 13 25-Mar-19 L40/L8 HOOGE L1Y/912E BJS19-084 HELSINGBORG
Week 13 26-Mar-19 L40/L8 HOOGE L1Y/912E BJD 9-0049 HALMSTAD
Week 13 29-Mar-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y/912E BNG 19-0054 NORRKOEPING
Week 13 23-Mar-19 L35/L8 ADELINA D W56/911E GAEVLE
Week 13 30-Mar-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y/912E GAEVLE
Week 13  29-Mar-19 49A / I1  AURORA  0ZF / 1905 DGZ 9-0130  GOTHENBURG
Week ETA Service Vessel Name Vessel Voyage Master Name Port
Week 12 15-Mar-19 431/E1 MSC VIVIANA F6N / 905W DGZ-9-0104 GOTHENBURG
Week 12 17-Mar-19 Z63/I1 UNIFEEDER 0ZF 0ZF / 1903 GOTHENBURG
Week 12 19-Mar-19 431/E1 MSC ZOE V49 / 906W DGZ-9-0111 GOTHENBURG
Week 12 19-Mar-19 Z63/I1 MITO STRAIT K5D / 1910 GOTHENBURG
Week 12 21-Mar-19 L19/L8 ELKE I6Z / 912W DGZ-9-0112 GOTHENBURG
Week 12 23-Mar-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y / 911W DGZ-9-0113 GOTHENBURG
Week 12 18-Mar-19 L40/L8 ADILIA I J46 / 911E BJS19-068 HELSIGNBORG
Week 12 19-Mar-19 L40/L8 ADILIA I J46 / 911E BJD 9-0045 HALMSTAD
Week 12 22-Mar-19 L35/L8 ADELINA D W56 / 911E BNG190050 NORRKOEPING
Week 12 16-Mar-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y / 910E GAEVLE
Week 12 23-Mar-19 L35/L8 ADELINA D W56 / 911E BJV19-055 GAEVLE
Week ETA Service Vessel Name Vessel Voyage Master Name Port
Week 11 12-Mar-19 431/E1 MSC VIVIANA F6N / 905W DGZ-9-0104 GOTHENBURG
Week 11 12-Mar-19 Z63/I1 MITO STRAIT K5D / 1908 DGZ-9-0115 GOTHENBURG
Week 11 14-Mar-19 L35/L8 ADELINA D W56 / 909E DGZ-9-0109 GOTHENBURG
Week 11 15-Mar-19 Z63/I1 UNIFEEDER 3FF / 1915 DGZ-9-0116 GOTHENBURG
Week 11 11-Mar-19 L40/L8 ADILIA I J46 / 19A1 BJS19-055 HELSIGNBORG
Week 11 12-Mar-19 L40/L8 ADILIA I J46 / 19A1 BJD9-0043 HALMSTAD
Week 11 15-Mar-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y / 910E BNG190046 NORRKOEPING
Week 11 11-Mar-19 L35/L8 ADELINA D W56 / 909E BJV 19-031 GAEVLE
Week 11 16-Mar-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y / 910E BJV 19-032 GAEVLE
Week ETA Service Vessel Name Vessel Voyage Master Name Port
Week 10 01-Mar-19 431/E1 MUMBAI MAERSK Y33 / 903W DGZ-9-0082 GOTHENBURG
Week 10 05-Mar-19 431/E1 MOSCOW MAERSK Y26 / 904W DGZ-9-0093 GOTHENBURG
Week 10 06-Mar-19 Z63/I1 MITO STRAIT K5D / 1906 GOTHENBURG
Week 10 05-Mar-19 Z63/I1 MITO STRAIT K5D / 1906 HELSIGNBORG
Week 10 01-Mar-19 Z26/I1 UNIFEEDER 0YF 0YF / 1917 BJS19-038 HELSIGNBORG
Week 10 04-Mar-19 L40/L8 ADILIA I J46 / 910E BJS 19-041 HELSIGNBORG
Week 10 05-Mar-19 L40/L8 ADILIA I J46 / 910E HALMSTAD
Week 10 04-Mar-19 WV2/I1 HANNI 3AG/ 1916 BNG190039 NORRKOEPING
Week 10 05-Mar-19 N39/I1 ANINA 0V9/ 1909 BNG190040 NORRKOEPING
Week 10 06-Mar-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y / 908E BNG190041 NORRKOEPING
Week 10 04-Mar-19 L35/L8 ANNABA A7Y / 908E BJV 19-028 GAEVLE

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