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So much more than a place to store your cargo

Every successful supply chain is heavily dependent on smooth-functioning Warehousing and Distribution operations. Without the right amount of stock sent out at the right time and in the best condition, a supply chain could adversely affect customer loyalty and brand reputation, ultimately dealing a hard blow to business.

This was made evident during the Covid-19 pandemic, when businesses were faced with the challenges of increased e-commerce demand, putting enormous stress on supply chains. While the lockdown forced businesses to set up small distribution centres closer to their markets, they were still reliant on larger warehouses to manage the bulk of their product.

Adapt with the demand

Now, with many countries lifting restrictions and opening for business as usual, physical stores are once again ready to welcome customers. The expected rise in demand cannot be handled directly by smaller distribution centres which would face congestion issues resulting in delays or possible damage to cargo.

Demand fluctuations like those triggered by the lockdown and recent opening-up can only be handled well when businesses have a flexible distribution setup backed by strong warehouse solutions. These solutions need to be able to respond to the need to scale up or down depending on market requirements, while ensuring smooth movement of cargo with minimal delays.

Warehousing and Distribution - Europe

How Maersk Warehousing and Distribution can help


Integrated IT systems

Integrating IT systems drive visibility and transparency, which helps customers be more efficient and in better control of their processes.

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Competitive pricing for expert services

Using multiple vendors can sometimes result in multiple risks of goods getting damaged, delayed or lost. Streamline your warehousing and distribution needs with a single point of contact backed by teams of experts to ensure cost efficiency alongside speed to market. With Maersk’s combined offering of warehousing and transport, you get all the benefits of an extensive warehouse and distribution setup, with none of the hassle.

Warehouse Location

Proximity to key locations

Maersk can offer warehouses near consumers and stock them ahead of time, so delivery times are reduced. Our growing investments in strategically located infrastructure and our coverage at ports help speed up your deliveries as well as absorb some of your capital expenditure.

Ship Location

Global integrated logistics network

Our well-established global brand presence and extensive network mean we have facilities ready to handle your supply chain, whether at origin or destination, anywhere across Europe. By combining our ocean, air and road offerings with Warehousing and Distribution, you benefit from a seamless end-to-end solution that we can tailor to fit your specific business requirements.

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Flexibility to scale up or down based on demand

Whether you need to scale up or down more efficiently across seasons, minimise investment risks, or lower operational costs, our Warehousing and Distribution experts are here to align with and add value to your business.

A solution for every need

You’ve got big plans for your business. And what better way to make them a reality than to join hands with a partner who can support your specific needs and provide a solution that fits. Our strategically located warehouses in Europe and across the world ensure that your consumers receive their products faster and in the best condition. Know exactly when it’s time to stock up or scale down with our volume visibility offering that ensures you have an up-to-date overview of your cargo. And when the product is ready to be moved, know that our integrated transport services are ready to complete the job.

It’s time to turn your warehousing into a competitive advantage.

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