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Introducing Maersk Last-Mile Delivery Solutions

Today, your customers have high expectations when it comes to their shipments. They expect fast and convenient deliveries that are easy to track. To meet these needs, you need omnichannel supply chain models that reduce costs, effort and complexity without compromising on your delivery promise.

Maersk's Last-Mile Delivery solutions combine an extensive portfolio of integrated logistics offerings and help you deliver all the way from factory to sofa.

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What are the benefits of Maersk Last-Mile Delivery Solutions?

Drive efficiency
Deliver faster and more conveniently
Meet your customers’ increasing expectations.
Ship global act local
Ship global, act local
Expand your e-commerce business with our global reach and local carrier networks.
Truck icon
Drive efficiency
Reduce costs and save time with reliable fulfilment and multi-carrier strategies.
One stop shop
One-stop shop
Leverage our entire ocean and logistics product portfolio.

Future-proofing your e-commerce supply chain

Experts estimate that the e-commerce market will triple by 2030 with 200 billion parcels requiring delivery every year. With increasing global black swan events caused by environmental, societal, financial factors, it can be challenging to manage the projected large volume.

In this situation, the key to staying ahead of the curve is to future-proof your e-commerce supply chain. But limited agility, demand forecasting, scalability and sustainability stand in your way. In our e-book, we take a closer look at these 4 challenges.

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Maersk Last-Mile Delivery

Bring efficiency to your last mile logistics with our Last-Mile Delivery offering.

  • Reach 90% of the EU and the UK within 2 days with our multi-regional, multimodal carrier coverage.
  • Gain visibility into every step of your cargo’s journey with end-to-end tracking, dashboards, reporting and analysis.  
  • Optimise shipment coordination and delivery speed with reduced and flexible last-mile pricing.
  • Customise your shipping based on speed and price variations that fit your needs.
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Explore Maersk Omnichannel Fulfilment

Optimise your inventory storage with our Maersk Omnichannel Fulfilment solutions.

  • Leverage a wide network of fulfilment sites that enable cost efficiency and fast delivery time.
  • Simplify omnichannel optimisation with direct-to-consumer infrastructure for sustained stock flow across needs.
  • Scale up easily with automated fulfilment, storage, inventory management and pick and pack solutions.
  • Improve delivery speed with real-time tracking, transparent reporting and order status.
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Unlock a sustainable last-mile experience

Last-mile delivery currently accounts for 25-30% of global emissions. What’s more, the number of delivery vehicles in the world’s top 100 cities is expected to increase by 36% by 2030. This makes it challenging for e-commerce businesses to reduce emissions while maintaining business growth.

Maersk Emissions Dashboard is a one-stop-shop solution that gives improved visibility over emissions data, enhanced reporting and optimisation across your logistics set up. Our multicarrier network also gives you access to 300+ carriers throughout Europe along with electric vehicles and pick-up drop off (PUDO) options for last-mile delivery.

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Built to integrate with your entire supply chain

Combine our e-commerce solutions with our entire ocean and logistics portfolio.

Warehousing and distribution

Reach your customers across the world with Maersk Warehousing and Distribution solutions’ global network of 450+ warehousing facilities in 50+ countries that also offer several value-added services.

International Expertise
Customs services

Gain visibility, efficiency, a smooth compliance process and a global network of customs experts to keep your goods moving round the clock with Maersk Customs Services.

Air freight

Power your e-commerce supply chain to overcome challenges and swiftly transport your cargo to its destination anywhere in the world with Maersk Air Freight services.

Inland Connectivity
Inland transportation
Leverage Maersk Inland Services’ extensive network of rail, truck and barge options for on-time delivery of your cargo to your consumer’s doorstep.
Ocean transport
Get a single point of contact, one set of transportation documents and a unique shipment reference that allows you to track your cargo from origin to destination with Maersk Ocean services.

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