Meet our people

Room to grow – for specialists and generalists alike

Maersk is a highly diversified company, with substantial activities in the shipping, energy, logistics, offshore and retail sectors. This diversity, coupled with our global scope, means we can offer a great many career paths, both for generalists and for specialists in a wide array of fields.

Maersk employees represent an expansive cross-section of modern professionals. Our employees include Engineers, Geologists, Logistics-, IT-, Legal and HR specialists, Maritime Officers, Seafarers and administrative staff, to name just some.

At Maersk, we make it our business to make sure that people with the right combination of experience, energy and ambition are given the opportunity to advance and develop throughout their careers.


Sushma Taranal

Sushma Taranal joined Maersk as a business analyst and now works as Head of Projects, HRIT.

Meet Willem Postma

Just as his forefathers whose lives were closely entwined with the ocean, Willem Postma always knew that he too would never stray far from the sea. Willem has been sailing for almost thirty years, the last eight as a captain. When his duties permit, he enjoys diving and exploring life beneath the water.

Meet April Tai

To have a career in Maersk is to accept a path of continuous growth. As a trainee in 2005, April Tai’s drive for excellence partnered with the right opportunities led her to work in the conglomerate’s different logistics companies.

Meet Godwin Ebhoma

Long-time industry professionals like Godwin Ebhoma from Nigeria choose Maersk Oil. "Flexibility within the company allows you to spend more time with your family. I can attend trainings, meetings and still be working which is perfect."

Meet Sabi Balkanyi

"My educational background is actually aerospace engineering, but when I graduated I decided to enter the oil and gas industry because it’s a high tech industry. We’re using a lot of cutting edge technology."

Meet Nicole Nielsen

Meet Nicole Nielsen It takes constant vigilance to keep a drilling rig operating safely and effectively, especially in the harsh, deep-water environments where Maersk Drilling deploys its vessels.

Meet Michael Jakobsen

"My responsibility is the safety of the crew and the unit, that everybody gets home in one piece the way they came on." As an Offshore Installation Manager on drilling rig Maersk Resolute, Michael Jakobsen is right where the action is.

Meet Marie Cooper

Maersk has about 220 of its own vessels in operation, and every one of them is manned with a top-professional crew. Behind each crew member is Marie Cooper and the team she heads in the Philippines.

Meet Joyce Yang

"Working with people of different nationalities equipped me with a pair of international eyes. Coming back to China, I realised this was a gift expatriation had given to me."

Meet Janice Rueda

In 2004, Maersk questioned national industry recommendations that women should not be allowed to sail on container vessels. As a result, Janice Rueda became the first Electrical Engineer from the Philippines who sailed on a Maersk vessel. "I am the first Filipina Electrical Engineer who boarded a Maersk container vessel."

More about people and career at Maersk

Maersk is diverse in every sense of the word. Diverse in our business areas, in the countries in which we operate, and diverse in the many people we employ. We see diversity as a great strength and our continued goal.