Hello, my name is Maria. I have been at Maersk since May 2022, and I am also currently still a student. Here is what my day looks like as a Customer Experience Agent in Gdynia, Poland.


I start work at 8 am and I work from home 3 days a week with 2 days in the office. One of these days is a Tuesday, because it is my team’s day in office – this is to make sure that everyone is able to talk to everyone from the team face-to-face at least once a week.

Today, I am going into the office, I live only 20 minutes’ walk away, I could get there by bus faster, but I do like my morning walks.

I arrive just before 8am and the first thing I like to do is turn on all the systems I know I will need throughout the day. As the system is loading, I get a cup of coffee to drink while I catch up with my colleagues while sorting emails and messages.

We talk about all kinds of topics; I get along really well with my team even though there are people of all ages and backgrounds. We most often talk about sports, family, travelling, especially recommendations for travel destinations. As I am also still a university student, we often talk about my university which is the same university quite a few of my colleagues also attended. My team is more like a family rather than a group of co-workers so everyone can talk about everything to anyone.


Back at my desk, the first thing I like to do is read and answer my emails. The most urgent issues usually take place via emails. Emails also give me an idea of what I really need to do on a specific day, so to me it makes perfect sense to start with this task.


I have a meeting with my whole team every day where we talk about our daily tasks, successes, and issues as well as our workload – it is much easier to find someone who could help with the issue and workload this way. We also have weekly internal meetings within the sub-teams who take care of a specific customer which works in a similar way. This makes our work much smoother and efficient.

We try to have our weekly meetings on Tuesdays, so we can talk about the issues face to face when we are all in the office, but obviously it is not always possible, so we often have calls as well. Today is a face-to-face meeting as the whole team are in the office.


I take my first break of the day. I usually take two breaks during the day, one at 10am and one at 2pm. I like to take the breaks as opportunities to not think about work so that I am refreshed when I get back to my desk.


I have my monthly meeting with my manager next. We usually talk about challenges and successes, and feedback on my work. I can also share my concerns regarding my work and my manager is always trying to help. I’m always asked questions about whether I’m satisfied with my role and what I do. I know I always have the space to inform my manager on what I dislike, and I know she will always try to help change it if possible.


Throughout the rest of the morning, I deal with all sorts of internal calls with sub-teams, sometimes they involve the customer, most of the time not. I am also in constant communication with colleagues abroad, sometimes these are scheduled calls but this can be emails and messages too. Today, I have to talk to the Global Service Centre (GSC) Team in India who help with invoicing, and the Control Tower Teams about customer requests and changes.


Today, I get an interesting request from one of my customers, a large clothing manufacturer, who wants to introduce a new shipper from Poland. I think I can solve this myself but ask my colleagues some questions to make sure I do it correctly. I know the new shipper can’t be implemented in one day, but I believe that there won’t be any issue once it is up and running. (Later on, in a few weeks, the process is working smoothly, and I get praised by my colleagues about the implementation!)

Sometimes I will have off-site meetings with customers but those are usually when it’s Christmas or some sort of holiday. Last Christmas, I went to visit a customer, but we didn’t really talk about business, instead we drank coffee and talked casually, then we were shown one of the company’s warehouses, which was very interesting and impressive. These meetings are casual and are a chance for us to build a better relationship with the customer.


It is lunch hour for most people, but I don’t usually eat lunch at work, I only eat a warm meal once back at home after work around 4:30pm. If I do eat in the office, it’s usually a homemade lunch and I like to eat alone to clear my head and just zone out same as when I go on my morning and afternoon breaks. When I am working from home, I normally eat lunch with my partner.


In the afternoons, I usually check and clear all reports such as invoice reports, anything that involves tables and excel really. There are tasks I do every day, for example, sending invoice requests – there are usually about three every day for this type of request. I also continue to answer any emails coming in, most of them are from customers.


Time for my second break of the day! I make another cup of tea and try to relax my eyes after using my computer for most of the day and try not to think about work.

Maria's diary


Back to work. For the rest of the day, it’s relatively quiet, I manage to get a lot of admin and reporting tasks done. A few more requests come in from customers, but all are quick to resolve.


I finish at 16:15 every day and I walk back home to stretch my legs as I also like to avoid the crowded buses.

Occasionally, I go out for dinner with my CX colleagues, however, as I am also still a university student, I often have a lot of school tasks to do after work and some colleagues live quite far from the office. But we do try to meet up outside work once every few weeks for special occasions like birthdays and holidays.

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