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Stable rates, choice of allocation and assured space. All this, only with our new contract product.

Your contract should seamlessly sync with your business and provide you with stable long-term rates with no fluctuations. With the right contract, you can be certain to get the cargo space you need when you need it.

Maersk Contract does that and much more. You get the flexibility to choose between our three different contract allocations for the one that best suits you. Our 2-way commitment increases reliability with a guaranteed loading and space for your goods. And with the Allocation Portal, you get a complete overview of your contract and allocations in real-time.

To find out more about Maersk Contract and how it best meets your business needs, contact your Maersk sales representative.

Maersk Contract

Why choose Maersk Contract?

We offer you a tailor-made contract that meets your requirements.

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Get a clear agreement with predictable rates and real-time visibility on the Allocation Portal.

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Choose and adjust your allocation with the flexibility that matches your business needs.

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Get guaranteed loading of your booked cargo.

We offer Three Types of Allocations

Flat allocation

Flat Allocation

If your logistic requirements are predictable and stable over the year, we offer you a Flat Allocation. We reserve space for your cargo following a schedule with the same number of containers per lane every week at a stable rate.

Seasonal allocation

Seasonal Allocation

If your logistic needs vary over the year, we offer you a Seasonal Allocation. We reserve space for your cargo at a stable rate and in line with your forecasts. If your business demands change beyond forecasts, we provide an option to buy additional allocation.

Unlimited allocation

Unlimited Allocation

If your logistic requirements fluctuate and you need maximum flexibility in your supply chain, we offer you an Unlimited Allocation. We adjust the allocation upwards and downwards and reserve space for your cargo according to your rolling forecasts with no restrictions and at a stable rate.

Get more space whenever you need it

Additional Allocation

If you foresee a need for more space, you can always buy more allocation. Depending on the space available, this can be done as a part of your original contract or as an Additional Allocation in a separate quote. Buying Additional Allocation will not affect your original contract.

Talk to your Maersk representative to get the contract that matches your business needs.


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Complete visibility with the Allocation Portal

The new Allocation Portal is designed to make logistics easier at your end. The online platform gives you an overview of all your agreements with Maersk in real-time 24/7. It provides complete visibility of space available for your cargo and the volume consumed by your current bookings.

To access the allocation information on the portal, you will need to enable the ‘Allocation Manager’ role on

Please contact your Maersk sales representative to activate the feature.

Maersk Contract

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