SME Women in Trade

Breaking barriers, fostering inclusive global trade. Uplifting businesses for a more accessible and equitable future in partnership with ITC SheTrades.

Making trade work better for all

We are dedicated to improving accessibility and inclusivity in global trade to make it work better for everyone, recognising trade as a key driver of economic growth and job creation, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), including those owned or led by women.

Our focus is on empowering these businesses to contribute to poverty reduction and foster a more inclusive global trade landscape, in line with our purpose of improving life for all by integrating the world.

About our Partnership with ITC SheTrades

In 2018, Maersk partnered with ITC SheTrades to support women entrepreneurs, equipping them with the tools and skill sets to thrive in global markets.

We believe equal access to economic opportunities is a prerequisite to fair and sustainable economies. Women-led businesses encounter numerous export barriers, and as a response, we have united to offer our collective tools, services, and expertise to catalyse their growth and facilitate access to new global markets and supply chains.

Our partnership focuses on delivering technical and market intelligence, driving effective advocacy, and offering innovative services and solutions. Over the last 5 years, we have enabled over 3,775 beneficiaries to receive technical expertise through training and other solutions in over 88 countries.

Coaching Programme

In 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we rolled out a coaching programme where 25 Maersk experts paired with women entrepreneurs from the SheTrades community in Kenya, Mexico, India and Nigeria for eight weeks of personalised coaching. The women entrepreneurs received one-to-one training on e-commerce, social media marketing, export strategy and more.

Meet some of our beneficiaries

On their journey to prepare their business for international markets, these women extend their impact by actively supporting their local communities, serving as a testament to the benefits of a more accessible and inclusive trade.

Check out the videos below to see where three of these women entrepreneurs are now after their coaching journey.

The story of Olasumbo Adeleke

For thousands of years, women have extracted shea butter and oil from the nuts of Shea trees which grow in parklands stretching across the savannah of Africa. Ms Adeleke learned how to process shea butter from her mother, who learned it from her mother. It's a generational tradition.

Watch her story to learn how she is implementing an environmentally friendly production process, creating a sustainable livelihood for smallholder farmers in rural communities in Nigeria, and preparing her business to start exporting.

  • Location: Oyo State, Nigeria
  • Industry: Beauty and wellness

We want to launch our products all over the world in the major cities.

Olasumbo Adeleke
Founder and CEO, SheaBlossom

The story of Sheetal Rastogi

Traditionally, Ms. Sheetal did not see many women involved in running businesses in India. She comes from a very traditional family, so her father will look upon her brother; he will not look upon her. That is why she started Adoraa.

Watch her story to learn how she produces accessories inspired by Indian arts, supports women from marginalised communities, and leverages the power of e-commerce to bring her business to other countries.

  • Location: New Delhi, India
  • Industry: Fashion and jewellery

We combine the power of e-commerce along with social media to create a good impact for our brand.

Sheetal Rastogi
Co-Founder and CEO, Adoraa

The story of Elizabeth Cortes

In Mexico, approximately 30% of food production is wasted on farms. Ms Cortes and two other female scientists lead CREIDBI in their innovative approach to merging technology with traditional Mexican cuisine as a solution to this issue.

Watch her story to learn how her solar drying technology empowers farmers to generate extra income, and her preparations for taking her business global through exports.

  • Location: Yucatan, Mexico
  • Industry: Food and technology

We are ready to export and we are obtaining the certifications for the new markets.

Elizabeth Cortes
Co-Founder and CEO, CREID BI

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