Inclusive, sustainable trade

By connecting and simplifying global supply chains, we help our customers thrive. And by making them more inclusive, we can support that this value is shared.

Why inclusive, sustainable trade matters

We believe global trade can be a powerful enabler for development. But to realise this potential, trade needs to become more accessible, inclusive, trusted and caring towards our planet and resources. In short: more sustainable.

At Maersk, we see it as our purpose to enable sustainable global trade for a growing world. We are working to digitise and decarbonise the world's supply chains – to go all the way to ensure that the growth we facilitate is sustainable. For now, and for the generations that follow us.

Our ambition

We will support the transformation of global trade into a powerful enabler of sustainable development, as expressed in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Priorities and actions

We focus on supporting our customers as they strive to make their own operations and supply chains more sustainable. Customer requirements are incorporated into all our ESG priorities, and we have launched green customer solutions to support their decarbonisation journeys. We also focus on driving accessibility and inclusivity in global trade, so it works better for everyone.
Supply chain technology

Building resilience to supply chain shocks

Our customers are focusing on resiliency, flexibility and connectivity as supply chain shocks become a new normal.

As well as developing closer relationships with our customers, we are also delivering new technical solutions to keep their supply chains running end-to-end.

Digital synergies

Accelerating digital transformation

Our digital platforms are a key enabler for many customers, supporting seamless access to global trade and improved customer experiences.

Our digital interaction with customers across all platforms is growing, especially our industry-first digital solutions such as instant booking confirmation.

Green logistics solutions

Customers increasingly factor ESG requirements into their logistics decision-making processes, with many operators using ESG supplier evaluation platforms such as EcoVadis.

Our green logistics solutions are developed in close and continual dialogue with a broad range of businesses, helping many more deliver on their climate commitments.

Warehouse Location

Solutions for small businesses

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) are the backbone of many economies, yet are often disproportionately impacted by changing demands for shipping and logistics capacity.

Twill, our digital logistics solution for SMEs  has helped more than 8,000 operators gain simplified access to global markets,  offering direct online booking and shipment monitoring, 24-7 support, and a logistics knowledge hub.

Trade politics pictogram

Making trade work for women

The contribution made by women-owned businesses in driving inclusive economic growth worldwide is recognised by governments and scientists alike.

Since 2018, Maersk has supported SheTrades, a platform that connects women entrepreneurs all over the world to global markets. Our contributions include a coaching program that pairs Twill or Maersk coaches with women entrepreneurs from developing countries.

Featured highlights and case stories

A value-based response to the Ukraine invasion

Considering the severity of the harm inflicted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the nature of Maersk’s essential logistics and infrastructure operations, we decided in 2022 that it was no longer possible to conduct business responsibly in Russia.

This response was driven by our Core Values – taking Constant Care of today and the future, looking after Our Employees, and having the Uprightness to do the right thing – and guided by our policies on human rights and responsible business practices.

Our approach focused on keeping our people safe, using the weight of our global logistics expertise to provide acute humanitarian relief, and stabilising global trade and rebuilding Ukraine. To these priorities, Maersk was fortunate to be in a unique position to fast-track humanitarian relief to the Ukraine.

We continue to monitor transactions with a possible Russian or Belarus nexus to ensure compliance and to live by our values.

Sustainability Report 2022

Explore our progress on environmental, social and governance dimensions in our latest Sustainability Report.
Maersk sustainability report

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