Lead Logistics

Re-imagine supply chains and streamline future logistics.

A more connected, agile and sustainable future for global logistics

Lead logistics is at the core of our integrator strategy. We offer orchestration across ocean, inland, air freight, customs services, warehousing as well as external capabilities which means we can be your one Lead Logistics partner. We want you to forget about managing logistics and focus on growing your business to reach even the most remote locations around the world. Optimise, protect and simplify your supply chain with our end-to-end logistics services, a growing suite of digital solutions, and a global delivery network.

What are the core benefits of Maersk Lead Logistics?

Leverage our 115+ years of global logistics experience in 130+ countries transporting your business to the future.



  • Extensive industry knowledge from servicing customers for decades.
  • Global presence and local expertise working relentlessly to address any disruption to ensure our customers achieve their business goals. 
  • Advanced digital capabilities to provide customers with visibility and insights. 


  • Simplifying supply chain challenges as the end-to-end integrator orchestrating across ocean, inland, airfreight, customs services, warehousing - as well as external parties, capabilities, and systems.
  • Established eco-system of supply chain activators with capabilities to integrate data across all levels of maturity. 


  • Decades of proven experience as a top quartile operator of logistics execution.
  • Scale effortlessly to all markets while accommodating local needs via a single platform & standardized service. 
  • Timely and transparent communication.
  • Proactively bringing tactical and strategic resolutions to supply chain disruptions.


  • Help customers overcome the challenges of managing global supply chains - knowing where orders, shipments and inventories are in the supply chain. 
  • Automatic real time exception notification to relevant parties for attention and resolution.
  • Consistent, validated quality of service from origin to destination.  


  • Our focus on the goods that matter to the end customers helps to improve service levels and optimizes profits.
  • Optimize the outcomes that underpin your business strategy – be reliability, sustainability, agility, resilience, speed, compliance, safety, security, costs, or stakeholder experience. 

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