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Ocean Updates

Our North American gateway terminals are mainly stable at this time, and we have sufficient availability of dry and reefer equipment to cover our customer requirements. Our Ocean Team reports that vessel schedules and terminals remain stable and fluid. Overall, there is minimal vessel wait times at North American ports. Sea-Intelligence reported Maersk as the 2nd most reliable carrier as of July 2023, with schedule reliability of 69.8%.

Golden Week Blankings

As we approach the Chinese National Day holiday (Sept. 29th – Oct. 6th), commonly known as Golden Week, we want to ensure you are aware of the expected changes in container shipping demand to and from Asia. Factories typically close and production slows down during this period, resulting in a decrease in capacity.

To address this supply and demand imbalance, shipping companies, including Maersk, have announced blank sailings. This means that the services you usually book may not be operating in certain weeks, leading to potential changes in departure dates, arrival dates, and transit times.

Although we have experienced a higher percentage of blank sailings compared to previous years, we want to assure you that our teams are dedicated to ensuring sufficient capacity for your cargo. We are actively providing strong alternative service options in case of blank sailings. Effective communication between our teams and customers is crucial during this period, and regular forecasting from you helps us deploy the right amount of capacity to meet your needs. For the latest updates, please visit our advisory page, where we consistently share important announcements to keep you informed.

Panama Canal

To ensure sufficient water availability during the upcoming dry season, the Panama Canal Authority has announced draft restrictions for the next ten months. These restrictions have required operational adjustments, particularly for our largest vessels on the Asia/US East Coast route. Additionally, the Canal has temporarily suspended auction slots for the Panama Locks to prioritize vessels waiting in line.

To mitigate these challenges, Maersk has taken proactive steps. We have deployed additional vessels, known as extra loaders, to maintain the needed capacity through the Canal. Furthermore, we are closely collaborating with the Canal to secure the necessary transit slots, ensuring minimal impact to our customers. By booking our Panamax and Neopanamax vessels 21 and 24 days in advance respectively, we have successfully managed to avoid any pending transit bookings and foresee no minimal to no issues.

Transatlantic Services


At Maersk, our commitment is to ensure that your supply chain runs seamlessly, offering you unrivaled predictability and minimal disruptions. In response to the North Europe-US market demands, we are actively working on fine-tuning our Atlantic network for your benefit. As part of these adjustments, our TA2 service will experience a series of modifications. Additionally, we have made changes to the window of the Bremerhaven call on the TA3 service to better align with your scheduling needs.

IMEA: India, Middle East & Africa

We understand the importance of having reliable shipping options for your cargo from the Middle East, India, and Africa. In the M3W market (imports from Middle East & India to U.S East Coast and Gulf), we still have space available on our MECL service. Similarly, our TP11 service and the M4W market (imports from the Middle East & India) to the U.S West Coast offer opportunities for additional cargo.

For our Africa trades, we have seen an increase in demand for Reefer shipments on our S1SA market (imports from South Africa to the U.S), which has filled our AMEX service quickly. However, there is still space availability on our Z1EA market (imports from East Africa to the U.S) for our garment customers and other smaller commodities.

To receive the latest updates on your cargo, sign up for ETA notifications or check schedules on For operational updates such as posted in our “Weekly Reader,” be sure to subscribe to our advisories at

Landside Updates – Electric Trucks & Decarbonization

Paving the Way for Sustainable EV Trucks

Driven by increasing environmental concerns, local and federal regulations, and a strong focus on fuel efficiency, companies are projected to transition their fleet to electric trucks, marking a significant shift that will revolutionize the logistics industry.

As we invest in a greener economy and witness the evolving advancements in technology aimed at reducing carbon footprint, electric trucking is showing potential to become a more common practice in ground shipping. While the transformation may be slower than anticipated, we continue to closely monitor the market circumstances and remain optimistic about the long-term prospects of electric trucks in shaping the future of ground shipping.

Supported by an ever-expanding infrastructure and complemented by a range of local and federal grants and incentives, Maersk and its customers adopting these solutions are at the forefront of this transformative movement.

Not only do electric trucks contribute to a cleaner environment, but they also offer numerous benefits. According to ICCT, electric trucks produce 63% lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to their diesel-powered counterparts. Additionally, they provide a smoother and cleaner ride for truck drivers, enhancing their overall experience.

From Southern California to Chicago and New Jersey, Maersk has joined the international effort in investing in this vital infrastructure with ambitious plans to expand across the U.S. and Canada in the coming months and years. As the demand for electric trucks continues to grow, private charging infrastructure companies have emerged nationwide, with new players entering the market regularly.

Ty Ray, Maersk’s Regional Head of Growth Enablement – First Mile, shares “My best advice to our customers is to start planning today. Also, understand the grants and incentives available to you in your state of operation to help reduce costs. Driving sustainability to reach net zero emissions by utilizing EV trucks is a tall task. There are many variables to consider, such as cost, charging infrastructure, range, and the potential truck manufacturers you will select as your vendors. Developing a plan takes time, resources, and capital to implement EVs into your day-to-day transportation operations.”

Landside Updates – Warehousing & E-Commerce

Fabric facility

Introducing the AI-Driven Automated Fulfillment Center for E-Commerce

Maersk and Fabric have joined forces to unveil a groundbreaking solution for the e-commerce sector—a cutting-edge 38,000-square-foot automated fulfillment center located in Dallas, Texas. Leveraging Maersk's global logistics expertise and Fabric's advanced robotic and software technology, this state-of-the-art facility is set to redefine how e-commerce fulfillment is approached.

Designed with efficiency in mind, this modern facility incorporates Fabric's high-density cube-based storage system, advanced robots, and software. By efficiently managing single-picked items, we ensure rapid same-day or next-day delivery, making it particularly advantageous for urban environments while simultaneously reducing shipping costs. With a capacity of handling up to 25,000 SKUs, this center offers an innovative solution that maximizes warehouse productivity and perfectly aligns with the evolving demands of the modern e-commerce landscape.

Erez Agmoni, Maersk's Global Head of Innovation - logistics and services, recognizes the transformative impact of e-commerce in shaping the retail industry. “As we look to help our customers streamline their supply chains end-to-end, we see Fabric’s automated fulfillment solution as one that is highly capable of meeting the demand for efficient warehousing and fulfillment where labor and real estate resources are scarce.”

Discover more about our partnership with Fabric and learn about the cutting-edge technology behind this automated fulfillment center by clicking here. We remain committed to delivering innovative solutions that revolutionize the e-commerce industry and enhance your logistics experience.

Air Update

In September 2023, air freight logistics experienced significant growth with global capacity continuing to recover and move in the right direction. According to industry sources such as The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA), between January and July 2023, air freight capacity increased by 4.7% compared to the same period before the pandemic in 2019. This recovery in capacity played an instrumental role in meeting the increasing demand for air cargo services.

By strategically expanding our network and investing in new facilities, we are committed to providing the best possible air cargo solutions and enhance our customers’ logistics’ experience. In July we announced the new air cargo hub in Atlanta, as well as in Chicago.

Click here to learn more about our Air network and own-controlled flights from and to North America.

Topics, Trends & Insights

Trends in Supply Chain Resiliency

In a constantly evolving global economy, the trade environment remains uncertain. The prevailing challenges within the supply chain landscape continue to increase as costs and risks encompassing geopolitical, economic, and environmental factors multiply. These challenges also come with unforeseen events such as inflation spikes, geopolitical disturbances like the ongoing war in Ukraine, and the lasting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to McKinsey, shocks affecting the supply chain occur every 3.7 years, on average. As a trusted industry leader, we understand the complexities of these circumstances and are committed to navigating them alongside our customers. By leveraging our expertise and global network, we strive to help businesses adapt, overcome obstacles, and succeed in today's challenging trade environment.

Agile decision making: The ability to adapt swiftly and make agile decisions has become crucial to success. According to McKinsey, companies that can pivot quickly in response to changes in consumer behavior, customer demands, or even employee dynamics have a competitive edge over those that struggle to do so. Furthermore, Gartner predicts that adopting real-time decision execution in supply chains will increase significantly in the next 3-5 years. Considering these trends, companies must prioritize flexibility and options in their choice of transport modes to effectively meet changing market demands.

Digital Resiliency: Companies are heavily investing in digital technologies. These innovations range from AI-enabled planning and forecasting tools to the implementation of robots in warehouses and assembly lines. As a result, customer demands for data integration have become more complex than ever, as they seek to leverage advanced planning tools for future operations. To meet these evolving requirements, Maersk recognizes the importance of our digital platforms and tools integrating seamlessly with our customers' systems. Our aim is not only to ensure compatibility but also to add significant value to their operations.

Regionalized approach: Companies are also adopting a regionalized approach to production and distribution/fulfillment. This shift in supply chain strategy involves bringing production closer to home and, for certain retailers and e-tailers, establishing distribution and fulfillment centers closer to end-customers. As a result, there is an increased demand for middle-mile, warehousing and distribution (WnD), and last-mile services. This change in geographic footprint is driven by reducing risks and enhancing customer satisfaction through faster and more localized delivery capabilities.

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