Learn about the complex product lifecycle of a backpack, and how integrated solutions can help simplify the process from development to delivery.

With border restrictions easing in parts of Asia-Pacific, many people are looking to get back to stepping out and exploring the great outdoors. This is translating to a significant rise in demand for backpacks, with the global market forecast to see a growth of almost 42% from 2020 to 2024.

However, before the backpack is ready to join us on our travels, it undergoes a long and complex journey of its own. For instance, the components that make up the typical backpack are often sourced from about 23 countries, in a process that can take up to 60 days, and may at times require almost 90 different suppliers.

Given the challenges posed by this vast, fragmented network, manufacturers can find excellent value in logistics integrator like Maersk. Our solutions are designed to help streamline your supply chain, providing you with better visibility and control from end to end.

Our latest infographic breaks down the complete journey of the backpack and explains how Maersk solutions can help streamline your supply chain and power your growth ambitions in Asia-Pacific and beyond.

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