When thinking about Maersk, 99% of people will only associate our brand with Ocean transportation. Majestic ships under the seven-pointed star, carrying goods all over the world, connecting businesses from port to port across blue waters. Often what people don’t know is that Maersk moves goods across another vast blue fluid, the sky.

As the integrator of logistics, simplifying and connecting our customers supply chain, air freight is a core component of our end-to-end offering.

An experienced flier with miles

We are not new to air freight. In fact, Maersk has been servicing customers via air for many years already. Initially provided by our sister brand DAMCO, since October 2020 the service has been strengthen and expanded under the Maersk flag.

Expanding beyond ocean and land transportation, Maersk air freight is already used by many manufacturers and retailers, as a reliable way to respond to quick changes in consumer demand. On top of supporting our customers worldwide, the service was even used during the COVID-19 pandemic, delivering PPE (personal protection equipment) to the frontline essential workers of several countries in need.

Charter this opportunity

All customers can benefit from Maersk air freight services. No matter their size or their maturity with shipping. Air freight is fast, frequent, predictable and gives you the chance to control temperature, if needed.
To make your supply chain more flexible and resilient, adding another leg to your logistics (e.g. inland, warehousing) can also mean adding air.

Today, many of our customers use it for shipping their goods when dealing with product launches, urgent orders, supply change shocks, time-sensitivity, the fast demands of e-commerce or as a standard mode of transport in their Supply Chain to replenish inventory.

Across the blue oceans, across the blue skies

Sky-high ambitions

Looking ahead, to further empower our customers, we are working to exponentially strengthen our capacity on air. Our strategic journey with air freight is taking off, and it’s an ambitious one.

This will include a multifaceted expansion, where we will expand our own-controlled capacity by in part purchasing two new B777F and leasing three B767-300 cargo planes. Additionally, Maersk intends to acquire Senator International, a globally recognized freight forwarder, who’s own controlled capacity includes nineteen weekly flights across its network. Our service offering will also increase thanks to new trade lanes established worldwide.

We aim to triple our tonnage size from where we are today, elevating our solutions to meet customer’s requirements that are specific to their industry. In addition to our current expertise in servicing retail and lifestyle, we will also expand our capabilities, focusing on the specific needs of industries such as, for example, Tech, Pharma, FMCG and Automotive.

Finally - as with everything we do - we will focus on better reliability, and on-time performance consistency, which are key for our customers and their strategy.

Are you ready? Add Maersk Air Freight to your supply chain today. A customer centric, tailor-made solution with the ease of dealing with one trusted logistics provider for it all.

As the integrator of logistics, together with our customers, we go All The Way. Sky’s the limit.

Ferwin Wieringa
Ferwin Wieringa
Global Head of Air Freight at A.P. Møller Maersk

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