Maersk Spot Demurrage and Detention terms are agile and dynamic in order to respond quickly to changes in market conditions. These terms are fixed at the time of booking. We understand that you need to be aware of the terms applicable to your shipments when they arrive. The Maersk Spot platform includes full visibility of the Destination (Import) Demurrage and Detention terms, when you look up a price or book with us. This can be checked in three ways

  • At the time of rate search, the price owner can see the terms on the pricing page. The below snip is an illustration of how you may view the applicable terms.
Maersk spot - visibility of dnd conditions
  • While placing your booking on Maersk website, the website allows you to view import detention and demurrage details before selecting your preferred product as illustrated below.
Maersk spot - visibility of dnd conditions
  • Before container discharge, consignees may refer to the Import Demurrage & Detention widget located on the Maersk Hub page on our website.

Scroll to the bottom of your Hub and input your bill of lading number, to view the relevant free time details. Further, you may input planned container return dates to find an estimate of demurrage and/or detention charges that would apply.

Maersk spot - visibility of dnd conditions
Maersk spot - visibility of dnd conditions

If you have any questions, please reach your local sales or customer service representative.

We wish to thank you for your business and look forward to continously catering to your global transportation needs.

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