How Maersk’s supply chain solutions helped Tokmanni synchronise its internal and external logistics process.

In this fast-changing world, visibility and control are critical to capture the full benefit of business opportunities. Great products and a strong brand build the foundations for better growth. Still, an unbroken supply chain at all levels—from suppliers to sales—is essential in achieving it.

identifying challenges

Identifying the challenges

Tokmanni Group has been on top of their game for several years now. The Finnish discount chain deals in the quick movement of its retail cargo. However, the company was handling most of its operations manually. A turning point came when the retailer saw a lack of transparency, need for faster communication and better operational efficiency from the origin country to Finland. There was minimal visibility of the data in its imports process. Large volumes of information led to avoidable delays. Tokamanni was taking too long to process data manually. Their traditional model of handling logistics was becoming challenging, and the retailer was determined to resolve it.

Connecting the dots for tokmanni

Connecting the dots for Tokmanni

Maersk was already a partner for Tokmanni's Ocean business. Using supply chain integration solutions, we were able to bring potential options to the table. Our first response was to understand Tokmanni and its people using a Supply Chain Development workshop. The real purpose, however, was to affect a more widespread change – getting more visibility and creating a partnership, before improving its business and end-to-end supply chain.

It was critical that we as Maersk looked to understand Tokmanni’s business, supply chain strategy and pain points, before offering a solution that fit them. Our SCD workshop with Timo Heimo and the team from Tokmanni managed to achieve exactly that. Gaining our first SCM customer in Finland was a partnership-building journey.

Sanjay Vasudevan
Global Head of Key Client Management and SCD for Maersk.

The Maersk teams began implementing internal changes to improve Tokmanni’s collaborations and tracking through data visibility. The supply chain management solution provided the retailer the expertise and data integration to improve their supply chain. That allowed better handlings of bookings and vendor management, giving the information in real-time. The data visibility also helped internal departments to collaborate and reach decisions faster.

Tokmanni could now track their orders right from the start: from Maersk managing consolidation in China, and as it moved onto handling in Europe. The transparency led to better management of exceptions, planning of material flow, and improved availability of goods in Tokmanni stores.

As Tokmanni is primarily a Finnish-based business, having a partner with a global presence ensures crucial data and deadlines don’t get lost in translation. Of course, we have challenges, but I am confident with Maersk that there is always a solution.

Timo Heimo
Director, IT and Supply Chain at Tokmanni.
Shaping the future

Shaping the future

As Tokmanni continued to expand and grow its business, it ventured into new ground. The global Maersk supply chain development team was able to support their expansion needs as a logistics integrator, sharing knowledge and expertise.

The Maersk e-commerce team and customs service teams are also helping identify the key areas of concern around the retailer’s import structure, adding new ideas and processes for more flexibility to deal with ever-changing situations.

We are delighted to have extended our cooperation with Tokmanni, finding efficiencies in their supply chain to support their business growth. We look forward to growing our relationship further in the future.

Satu Lindeberg
Managing Director for Finland at Maersk.

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