Please Note new and simplified process for our customers that require to Fiscal clear their Goods in Rotterdam as follows

Scenario 1

Customer wishes to fiscal clear a container/s in Rotterdam with no hold or interference with transport plan:

Customer can clear cargo and advise Maersk, 2 days ahead of Vessel ETD that the container/s have been cleared and requires to be manifested as C- Status in Ireland.

Customer to provide proof of clearance / T2L status document to 2 days prior to Ocean vessel departing Rotterdam.

Maersk will ensure that cargo is then manifested as C- Status. No hold required, or additional costs incurred providing process is followed and notice period is provided to manifest as C- Status in Ireland.

Scenario 2

Customer requires cargo to be put on hold while they Fiscal clear in Rotterdam

This is a PMV hold ( Pending Mother vessel ) and requires Maersk ‘s intervention as the booking is removed from original planned Feeder Load List and a stop is placed on the booking until such time the customer contacts us to provide clearance documents and also to advise us that booking can be rescheduled.

Customer must provide at least 7 days pre-notification of hold to (max 7 days of Vessel ETA to Rotterdam), Maersk will place container on PMV hold and apply 150-euro charge.
Customer must contact Maersk once clearance is complete, ETD -2 days with proof of clearance/ T2L.

Maersk will then plan container on the next available vessel.

If space has been lost on original intended vessel container will be planned on next available and DMR charge will be applied as outlined below.

Maersk are not responsible for any delays caused due to PMV hold and all costs incurred will be payable by customer.

All efforts will be made to reinstate on original voyage however this is not guaranteed once container is placed on hold.

Maersk will ensure container/s are manifested as C Status in Dublin once above process has been adhered to.

Admin Fee: 150 Euro or 160 USD
Demurrage Fee: Discharge date to next load date

Where Applicable DMR Fee as follows

75 USD per day per container DRY
125 USD per day per container Reefer

If you have any questions, please reach out to your local sales or customer service representative. We want to thank you for your business and look forward to continously serving your global transportation needs.

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